Current PhD students

Postgraduate research students in translation and intercultural studies work on a wide range of innovative projects.

Meet our current research students and find out what they're working on.

  • Fatimah Alanazi - 'Re-Narrating the Arabic National Saga: The English Translation of Female Characters in the Arabic Nationalist Literature'
  • Ziling Bai - 'The Novels of Virginia Woolf in Chinese: Memory, Spectrality and Retranslation'
  • José Gustavo Góngora-Goloubintseff - 'Translation in Wikipedia: A Praxeological Study of Normativity, Negotiation and Automation across Four Language Communities'
  • Blanca González-Valencia - 'Dubbing Ken Loach's Anti-Austerity Narratives in Spanish: I, Daniel Blake as a Case Study'
  • Shiyao Guo - 'Translation in Wartime: Interpreting Officers Recruited from the NSAU in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-1946)'
  • Kyriaki-Evlalia Iliadou - 'Audiovisual Translation as Propaganda in Greece: From the German Occupation to the Junta of the Colonels'
  • Jiaqi Liu - 'A Socio-Technical Investigation of Translation Hacking in China: Exploring the Power and Diverse Agency of Amateurs in a Collaborative Digital Culture'
  • Yuri Miyata - 'A Comparative Study of Global News Framing with Different Narratives: The Lucie Blackman Murder Case'
  • Ariadna Molinari-Tato - 'Translators in Drag: A Queer and Decolonial Approach to the "Transformance" of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation into Mexican Spanish'
  • Néstor Singer Contreras - 'The Development of Translator Identity: A Phenomenological Study of Chilean Translation Students'
  • Rui Sun - 'Tracking Howard Goldblatt’s Translation Style over Time: A Corpus-based Study'
  • Shuaa Tashkandi - 'Islamic Arabic Dubbing of Children's Japanese Animated TV Series: A Form of Re-Narration'
  • Silvia Terribile - 'Humans in the Loop: Post-Editing Changes and Productivity'
  • Yang Wu - 'A Corpus-based Critical Analysis of Conflict Metaphors in China’s Political Speeches and Their English Translations (2004-2020)'
  • Ruijie Xie - 'Chinese Fandom Communities of Japanese Pop Artists: The Role of Translation in the Fan Communities within the Chinese Fandom of AKB48’
  • Lin Zhang - 'Ku Hung-Ming’s Translation of Confucian Classics: Renarrating Confucianism'