Benjamin Marrington-Reeve

Benjamin is a third-year student on the MusB Music course at Manchester. Here, he talks about his experience of the course so far and his plans for the future.

On my current studies

I'm currently working on the final composition for my composition portfolio - a piece for solo soprano and six cellos. 

Benjamin Marrington-Reeve

It's the largest work I’ve had to write, and I am really enjoying the challenge! 

I am also the Manchester University Music Society (MUMS) Opera manager for 2019, so I am currently helping to programme Opera 2020 with next year's manager, as well as doing their handover.

The Opera is one of the many highlights of the MUMS calendar.

On performances of my compositions

In my final year, I am most excited to hear my compositions performed, which is one of the great advantages of studying composition here at Manchester.

These performances include those for my university work and other concerts outside of the Music department, too.

For instance, my string quartet piece, Blindfolded, was performed by the Eskandari Quartet - a quartet made up of Manchester students - in March this year.

I'm also very excited for the run-up to graduation and getting to enjoy Estival!

On my future plans

Next year I will be undertaking a Master of Music in Composition (MusM Composition) here at The University of Manchester.

I hope to continue with Opera work and analysis outside of my degree, as well as perhaps doing more community work with TIPP - an arts charity based in the Martin Harris Centre that organises participatory music and drama programmes in the criminal justice system and other community projects, which is incredibly rewarding.

A lot of my modules, such as Composition, Participatory Music and Analysis, have helped me tackle these areas of music independently, and have prepared me for undertaking postgraduate studies.

I have also found the Manchester University Music Society incredibly helpful in preparing me for my next steps. Through my roles as Programming Manager (2018) and Opera Manager (2019), I have been able to explore new things that I wouldn't otherwise have come into contact with.

This has given me valuable insight and experience into non-academic music work alongside my degree.