Celebrating the winners of the Micro Poetry Competition 2023

The Micro Poetry Competition returned this year and welcomed hundreds of entries from creative writers and poetry enthusiasts.

World Poetry Day 2023 signalled the start of the competition, which focused on the theme of 'Science Around Us'.

Poets called upon their creativity to explore their interpretation of the theme, all within the 280-character limit.

Former University Chancellor Lemn Sissay, Creative Manchester Director John McAuliffe, and Manchester-based poet and critic Maryam Hessavi judged more than 150 entries.

Read the winning entry, runners-up, and under 18 winners below.

The winners

First place (£500)

Roy M

remember their
caterpillar lives.

Plants that survive drought
drink less than those
that never experience it.

Traces of sunstorms
are seen
in tree rings.

A forest of oaks
shares nutrients
as per need.

A single pebble
alters the height
of the sea.

Runner-up (£250)

Lauren B

      N    T
    I         U
W              R
    .          B
      E     I

  Y  O
P      N

and on
  and on
    and on

Runner-up (£250)


where i’m from
we mistake lightning
for thunder despite
all we know
we do this intentionally
the way we dance
gracelessly to silent music
we know the miracle
of language
we know the sky looks
blue from holdn’
too much prayer
and we tell this to no one

Under 18s winner

Maya Pal

In your branches flocks of birds perch
Your silver coat shines bright in the moonlight
Your branches long to kiss the sky
You’re rooted to the ground and yet you seem to fly
Your spirit soars above cities and towns
Above man made temples and natural grounds
You are