Current PhD students

PhD students in Music come from around the world, with musical interests ranging from soundscape composition, to live electronics.

Find out what some of our PhD students are currently researching using the links below:

  • Alex Apostolopoulos – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Anastasios Asonitis – ‘Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions’
  • Cameron Biles-Liddell – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Jinseok Choi – ‘Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Murrough Connolly – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Guillaume Dujat Des Allimes – ‘Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions’
  • Hongshuo Fan – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Samuel Flynn – ‘Why Did Rock 'n' Roll Stop Rolling?’
  • Patrick Friel – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Liam Grogan – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Morgan Hale - 'Fan communities and video game music'
  • Richard Harrold – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Simon Hellewell – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • Yunho Jeong – ‘Portfolio of Instrumental Compositions’
  • Sarah Keirle – ‘Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions’
  • Irving Kinnersley – ‘Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions’
  • Ginte Medzvieckaite – ‘Paraphrases of Biblical and Liturgical Texts in Italian Spiritual Madrigal in the Context of Wider Poetic and Religious Tendencies’
  • Harry Ovington – ‘World Audification - Environmental Datasets and Indigenous Instrumentation to Sculpt Musical Compositions'
  • Maria Palapanidou – ‘Exploring Timbre and Structure through a Systematic Three-dimensional Composition Tool'
  • Philip Robinson – ‘The Soviet Symphony, 1945-1950: Analysis, Hermeneutics, and Cultural Discourse’
  • Michael Stubbs - 'Portfolio of Original Compositions'
  • Yuyan Wang – ‘The Evolution of Keyboard Slurs - A Beethovenian Perspective'
  • Yuhao Wu – ‘Portfolio of Compositions’
  • James Vail – ‘The Cassette Revival in the Digital Age’