Current PhD students

PhD students in Music come from around the world, with musical interests ranging from soundscape composition, to live electronics.

Hear why PhD researcher Hailu Ni chose The University of Manchester for her research.

Find out what some of our PhD students are currently by exploring the project titles below:

  • Dimitra Ananiadou - 'The use of dynamic marks in Beethoven's sonatas for violin and fortepiano based on historically informed performance practice'
  • Alex Apostolopoulos - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Anastasios Asonitis - 'Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions'
  • Cameron Biles-Liddell - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Jinseok Choi - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Murrough Connolly - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Atefeh Einali - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Robert Gyorgyi - 'The Politicised Sound and a Nation's Fury: How the Fidesz Government of Hungary has Expropriated the Music Industry'
  • Morgan Hale - 'Fan communities and video game music'
  • Richard Harrold - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Simon Hellewell - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Ziluo Huang - 'Permeability and hybridity: Western violin playing and aesthetic ideas and its influence on China'
  • Wing-Hei Ip - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Yunho Jeong - 'Portfolio of Instrumental Compositions'
  • Sarah Keirle - 'Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions'
  • Irving Kinnersley - 'Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions'
  • Miu-Yeung Lai - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Yidong Lin - 'A Practical Performance on Beethoven's 35 Piano Sonatas'
  • Adnan Marafi - 'A Compositional Narrative of Musical Transformation and Recontextualisation'
  • Hailu Ni - 'The Evolution and Combination of Thoughts, Emotions and Aesthetics Factors in Beethoven's Vocal Works'
  • Harry Ovington - 'World Audification - Environmental Datasets and Indigenous Instrumentation to Sculpt Musical Compositions'
  • Matthew Peacock - 'John Scofield - the Über-Jazz guitarist and composer. An analysis of his approach to playing and artistic development. What makes him successful, even iconic?'
  • Renaldo Remai - 'Portfolio of Compositions'
  • Philip Robinson - 'The Soviet Symphony, 1945-1950: Analysis, Hermeneutics, and Cultural Discourse'
  • Michael Stubbs - 'Portfolio of Original Compositions'
  • Zhenxi Tian - 'Evaluating Cantabile Style in the Piano Nocturnes of John Field (1782-1837): Form, Performance Practice and Piano Technology'
  • Yuyan Wang - 'The Evolution of Keyboard Slurs - A Beethovenian Perspective'
  • Ryan Woods - 'Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions'
  • Liran Yuzbegi - 'Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions'