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Research seminars and fora

Our weekly research seminars and fora involve a wide range of internationally esteemed invited lecturers, alongside our academic staff and postdoctoral colleagues and our large cohort of postgraduate students, as well as interested undergraduates, and colleagues from across the University and our partner institutions.

While some sessions take the form of traditional seminars on specialist topics, we also host structured discussions of key topics and issues within the discipline, including within our research clusters.

These usually result in lively debate and stimulate both research networking and the development of new collaborations and research relationships.

2018/19 seminars and fora

For Semester 2 of the 2018–19 academic year, our programme of research seminars and fora comprised:

31 January

Adam Gorb (RNCM) - The Path to Heaven: How to Write an Opera

14 February

MusM Musicology Students: Research Outlines

21 February

Heather Bird (Classical Evolution) - Classical Evolution: Palette and Playground for Today's Composers

28 February

Nicola Dibben (University of Sheffield) - Music in Immersive Media

7 March

International Women's Day Event

14 March

PGR Composers' Presentations: Guillaume Dujat, Will Frampton and Simon Hellewell

21 March

Chloë Alaghband-Zadeh (University of Manchester) - Femininities in Circulation: Gender, Emotion and North Indian Semi-Classical Music

28 March

Manuella Blackburn (Liverpool Hope University) - Instruments INDIA: A Sound Archive for Compositional and Educational Use

2 May

Karl Kügle (University of Oxford) - The Wilhelmi 'Problem': Mobility, Marginality and Transgression in 15th- and 16th-Century Europe and Today