Facilities and cultural partners

Explore a wealth of archives, libraries, museums and other research institutions in Manchester and beyond.

Manchester's research institutions are world-class. The University of Manchester Library (together with the John Rylands Library), with over 4.5m books and vast archives of historical material and rare volumes, is second to none. It is one of the few university libraries with the prestigious status of a national research library.

Externally we are supplemented by the rich library and archive holdings of Greater Manchester. Archives contain crucial information on the mainly institutional past of our societies. Historians at Manchester maintain close relationships with different archives; not only with the obvious TNA (The National Archives UK, Kew), county record offices but also with far-away places like Venice or Nigeria.

You can also find a rich array of material remains of past cultures in the museums of the Manchester region. Most important are the holdings of the Manchester Museum, one of the most precious private collections in the country, and an institution with which the School enjoys special links.

Using our cultural assets for your studies



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