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Current PhD students

  • Anastasiia Akulich - 'The News of the Brotherhood and The Chinese Bell-ringer in the Context of the Early Twentieth Century Missionary Press in China'
  • Lucy Allen - 'Religion, Belief, Identity: Marriage in Britain in the Long Nineteenth Century, 1820-1910'
  • Domantas Audronis - 'Un-Roman Empires, Post-Roman Worlds: Translatio Imperii and Cross-Cultural Influences in Western European Imperial Ideology, 800 - 1000'
  • Peter Bjorklund - 'The Karen People in Burma and Britain: Refugees, Identity and Memories'
  • Mary Booth - 'The Forgotten Hand of Hitler: The Representation of Holocaust Collaborators within a Museum Setting'
  • Isaac Boothroyd - 'The Gens Anglorum or the Gens Normannorum? The Emergence of English Identity Among Middling Normans 1130-60'
  • Lee Brooks - 'The Heart of the Country and the Fulcrum of Power? The Diocese of Lincoln and the Centre of Political and Ecclesiastical Geography in England c. 1066-1200'
  • Robert Brown - "Courage is not being fearless: Courage is overcoming and smashing through fear': Donald Campbell and Depictions of Heroic Masculinity, 1948-1967'
  • Simon Browne - "Soldiers of Stamina and Daring’: Exploring the Lives and Legacies of Major General David Lloyd-Owen and Major General Orde Wingate'
  • Louise Clare - 'Transnational and Cultural Comparisons of Those Involved in the Falklands War'
  • Jessica Coatesworth - 'The Historians and Historiography of St Albans in Manuscript and Print, c. 1200 - 1686'
  • Zalirah Cooper - 'Black Power and Resistance in the UK from the 1950s to the Modern Day'
  • Jane Clarke - 'A Review of the Impact of Women's Military or Wartime Service in the Aftermath of the First World War'
  • Grant Collier - 'A Social History of the Styal Estate'
  • Charlotte Coull - 'Digging for Race: Archaeology, the Bible and Science in India and Egypt from 1850 - 1947'
  • Jamie Farrington - 'Understanding the Impact of Injury and Infection Among the Workers and the Wealthy of the Quarry Bank Mill (1847-1920) and the Use of Heritage for Contemporary Communities'
  • Katherine Fliegel - 'For the Love of God: Male Cross-Dressing and Religion in Pagan Anglo-Saxon England'
  • Abigail Greenall - 'Adaptation and Resistance: Behaviours, Conflict and Belief in the post-Reformation British Isles, c.1550-1700'
  • Matt Grossbard - 'Working-Class Children's Play and Leisure in England, 1820-1900'
  • Jennifer Haywood - 'Queer Beside the Sea: Male Homosexuality in British Coastal Resorts, 1918 - 1990'
  • Roy Hickey - 'Radical Religion and the Early Development of the Quaker Movement in the Area of Pendle, the Ribble Valley, Craven and the Yorkshire Dales in the Period 1600 to 1660'
  • Alexander Hurlow - 'Norman Identity in Capetian France (1204 - c.1400): The Chronique de Normandie and Etablissements de Rouen'
  • Lucia Inglehearn Ambler - 'Models of Religious
  • Melanie Marsh - 'Memory, Emotion and the Lifecycle: Women and the Production, Ownership and Dissemination of their Textiles, 1660 - 1760'
  • Aneurin Merrill-Glover - 'Mosslands in Early Modern Lancashire: Carbon, Community and Conservation 1500 - 1800'
  • Christopher Nelson - 'The Early Medieval Library of Lincoln Cathedral'
  • Catherine Nevell - 'The New Learning: A Study of the Impact of the Reformation on Schools in Tudor England'
  • George Odysseos - 'Tiersmondisme and the Mediterranean: A Comparison of British and Greek Anti-imperialist Views on Cyprus, 1945-1974'
  • Takao Osanai - 'Yorkshire and the Port of Hull in the Early Modern Northern European Economy'
  • Stuart Pracy - 'Emerging Elites in Anglo-Saxon England and Northern Francia, 1000-1150'
  • Thomas Quigley - 'The Construction of a 'New Jerusalem': Bologna, Saint Petronio and the Santo Stefano Complex, 1100-1400'
  • Katherine Reed - 'Graffiti at Ellis Island, New York (1900-1954): Personal Testimony, Mark-Making and the Experience of Immigration'
  • Joseph Richardson - 'Rise of Russian Capitalism'
  • David Rogan - 'The Decline of Punishment Miracles in Medieval Europe, c.1000 - 1200'
  • Ruby Rutter - 'Comfort, Consumption and Women in the Eighteenth-Century English Country House'
  • Lewis Ryder - 'Mandarins in Manchester: Networks, Authenticity and Projections of China in the Art Collections of John Hilditch (1872-1930)'
  • Tania Shew - 'The First Sisterhood: Strikes and Solidarity within the Sexual Politics of First-wave Feminists in Britain and the USA, 1840-1920'
  • Alexander Spacey - 'Representations of American Society and Culture in British Cinema and Television, 1960-1981'
  • Courtney Stickland - 'The Child Detective in British Culture and Society, 1900-1950'
  • Anne Stokes - 'Civil Rights Memorials'
  • Liam Stowell - 'The Classical World and the Concept of Civilisation in British thought, 1919-39'
  • Ria Sunga - 'The History, Experience and Commemoration of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in the Philippines in the 20th Century'
  • Samuel Taylor - ''The Local is National'': The Greensboro, New York, and Madison Commissions on the Status of Women, 1973-1989'
  • Jonathan Tickle - 'England, Ecgberht and Exceptional Fortunes: The Legitimation of Power and Authority Between the Ninth and Eleventh Centuries'
  • Georgia Vesma - 'Women Behind the Camera in Vietnam: A Feminist Perspective on Conflict?'
  • Adam Waddingham - 'The Development of Euro-Scepticism within Conservative Political Thought c. 1945-2016'
  • Jessica White - 'Women's Relationships in Post-War Britain'
  • Tom Wroblewski - 'Demonic Possession, Embodiment, and the Life-Cycle in Early Modern England and France'
  • Xuan Zhao - 'Cameralism, Confucianism, Legalism and the Global Development of Economic Thought in the Last Millennium AD'
  • Yang Zhao - 'Mediating China's Second World War, 1945-1949: Regional Memory in History and Film'