Past seminars

2013-2014 Research seminars

  • Mobilizing the Home Front: Japanese and British Domestic Propaganda in World War Two (30 September) - - Sharalyn Orbaugh (British Columbia)- Jointly hosted by Japanese Studies at Manchester
  • Narratives of Violence: Historicizing Representations of Child Combatants in African Conflict, c. 1980-2010 (3 October) - Stacey Hynd (Exeter)
  • 'Exterminate All the Brutes': Settler Colonialism and the Future of Endangered Races (17 October) - Sadiah Qureshi (Birmingham)
  • The Forgotten Criminalisation of Company Fraud in Victorian Britain (7 November) - James Taylor (Lancaster)
  • Title TBC (21 November) - Paul Warde (East Anglia) Jointly hosted by the Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester
  • Downed Airmen as Social Catalysts, Germany and the United Kingdom, 1940-45: A Work in Progress (5 December) - Claire Andrieu (SciencesPo., Paris) 
  • Metadocuments - Writing On and Writing In the Modern Chinese Painting (23 January) - Craig Clunas (Oxford) Jointly hosted by the Centre for Chinese Studies, The University of Manchester 
  • Islamic Pious Endowment (Waqf) in Historical Perspective: Legal Aspects, Functions and Modern Controversy (6 February) - Yaacov Lev (Bar-Ilan, Israel)
  • Why Late Medieval Monasticism Matters: Cistercian Communities and the Cults of Saints between 1350 and 1540 (20 February) - Emilia Jamroziak (Leeds)
  • Luther, Masculinity and Aggression (6 March) - Lyndal Roper (Oxford)
  • Television and the People: TV History, Social History and Power (1 May) - Pamela Cox (Essex)
  • Title TBC (15 May) - Santanu Das (Kings)

2013-2014 Lunchtime seminars

  • "Developing a Model of the Military Dynamics of Rebellion in the Early Modern Era" (25 September) - Dan Szechi
  • "The Count, the Saint and the Tyrant: the Siege of Montreuil-Bellay (1150-51) and Angevin Political Culture" (9 October) - Katy Dutton
  • "Their Different Manner of Life? Centre, Periphery and the Highlands in Restoration Britain" (23 October) - Allan Douglas Kennedy 
  • "Lyndon Johnson and Latin America" (13 November) - Thomas Tunstall-Allcock
  • "Living Standards in Colonial and Early Soviet Central Asia: First Results" (11 December ) - Beatrice Penati
  • "In Search of Medieval Lights" (29 January) - Paul Fouracre
  • "To Transform Colonial Children? Women Teachers at 1920s Queen's College, Lagos (Nigeria)" (12 February ) - Charlotte Hastings
  • "On Tour with the Prince of Wales: Monarchy, Empire, and Celebrity Culture in the 1920s" (26 February ) - Frank Mort
  • "Commerce, Communities, and Networks: Britain and the Atlantic World, 1603-1756" (12 March) - Siobhan Talbott
  • "Jumbo-mania: or, the English, their elephant and the imperial politics of the early 1880s" (2 April) - Peter Yeandle

2011-2012 Research Seminars

  • A Tale of Two Hamiltons: North American-Caribbean Crossings (8 February) - Philip Morgan, Johns Hopkins University (co-sponsored by English & American Studies)
  • Outsourcing Empire: The Founding of the Chinese Customs Service, 1854-1864 (21 February ) - Hans van de Ven, Cambridge (co-sponsored by the Centre for Chinese Studies)
  • Amnesty International and the politics of human rights in post-war Britain (8 March) - Tom Buchanan, Oxford
  • Wives and property or wives as property? Income tax and the making of a female Indian subject, 1916-1937 (26 April) - Eleanor Newbigin, SOAS
  • Inequality: A Historical Approach (10 May) - Francisco Bethencourt, King’s College, London
  • The Wicked Uncles in Conservative Party Politics: Press Barons and the "Culture of Property" after 1918 in Germany and Great Britain (16 May ) - Ute Daniel, Brunswick & LSE (co-sponsored by RICC)

2011-2012 Lunchtime seminars

  • "Face to the kishlak!": transforming agrarian relations in the Uzbek SSR, 1924-1928 (15 February) - Beatrice Penati, Newton fellow
  • 10 Rillington Place and the Changing politics of the Backstreet Abortionist in Modern Britain 1949-1971 (7 March) - Neil Pemberton and Emma Jones, CHSTM
  • Researching Scotland's Lost Revolution: a Case Study in Serendipity (14 March) - Dan Szechi
  • Protecting against the misrepresentation of quality: false lengths, yarn counts and trust in nineteenth-century cotton production (18 April) - Aashish Velkar