Translation history

CTIS research in this area focuses on particular periods of translation activity over the years.

It covers the scope, nature, causes and effects of those activities, with case studies drawing on archival sources, biographical data, textual and paratextual analysis.

The history and theory of translation between Chinese and European languages in the 18th to early 20th centuries

Ancient Buddhist texts

Basic questions such as what was being translated, by whom and for what purposes have led to the investigation the relationship between translation, the rise of sinology as an academic discipline in France and England.

This includes developments in translation theory of the time, rivalry between European nations in the 19th century, the rise of racist discourses which asserted European supremacy, and the interlingual development of cross-cultural concepts through translation.

Our studies also include:

  • the study of fascist Italy, especially fascist cultural policy and the development of the Italian publishing industry, from the point of view of translation.
  • the role of translation in the dissemination of scientific ideas and the contexts and impacts of scientific translation and publishing activities, with a focus on Europe in the early 19th century and Japan in the Meiji period.

PhD projects

  • Abdulla Alkhamis (2012) Socio-cultural Perspectives on Translation Activities in Saudi Arabia: A Bourdieusean Account
  • Dimitris Asimakoulas (2005) Brecht in Dark Times: Translations of Brecht's Works in the Censorship Context of the Greek Junta (1967-1974)
  • David Charlston (2012) Hegel’s Phenomenology in Translation: A Comparative Analysis of Translatorial 'Hexis'
  • I-Hsin Chen (2014) Connecting Protestantism to Chinese Ruism: Religion, Dialogism and Intertextuality in James Legge's Translation of the Lunyu
  • Sharifah Fazliyaton Shaik Ismail (2008) The Translation of Children's Literature in Malay Language in the 1970s: Sociocultural Context and Strategies Employed
  • Sameh Fekry Hanna (2006) Towards a Sociology of Drama Translation: A Bourdieusian Perspective on Translations of Shakespeare's Great Tragedies in Egypt
  • Ruselle Meade (2013) Making Knowledge Move: Translation and the Travel of Technical Textbooks in Meiji-era Japan, 1868-1894
  • Kalliopi Pasmatzi (2014) Theorising Translation as Cultural Repatriation: The Greek Civil War Narrative Translated into Greek
  • Wenjing Zhao (2005) Hu Shi's Rewritings and the Construction of a New Culture
  • Yu Zhongli (2012) Translating Feminism in China

Selected publications

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