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Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies


CTIS membership comprises University of Manchester staff members and current doctoral students engaged in translation studies research.

Our PhD graduates are eligible for associate membership, and visiting scholars also participate in CTIS research activities during their periods of study leave at the University of Manchester.


Mona Baker

Translation theory; narrative theory and framing; translation and global politics; socio-pragmatics; corpus studies.

Antonio Bibbò

Censorship, Modernism, Irish literature, translations, literary translation.

Francesca Billiani

Siobhan Brownlie

Descriptive translation research; literary translation; translation of 19th and 20th century French literature into English; Franco-British relations; memory studies in relation to translation and intercultural communication.

Maeve Olohan

Scientific, technical and commercial translation; translation workplace studies; translation practices and technologies; corpus-based translation studies; translation pedagogy.

Luis Pérez-González

Screen translation; multimodal theory; translator training; translation in the digital culture; translation activism.

Matthew Philpotts

Comparative approaches to culture and dictatorship; the function and typology of literary and cultural periodicals; theories of authorship, discourse, cultural change and the literary field.

Christopher Rundle

Historical research in translation studies; translation in fascist Italy and other fascist regimes; subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing; subtitler didactics.

Anna Strowe

Translation theory; translation and literary history; comparative literature; medieval and Renaissance literature and translation; translation and power; book history and material textuality.

Rebecca Tipton

Interpreting and translation studies; public service interpreting; conference interpreting; interpreting pedagogy; sociology of interpreting; interpreting for charities and NGOs.

Doctoral students

Ruth Abou Rached

Arab women writers; Iraqi literary contexts; Feminist Translation approaches' Transnational Feminism; Arab world literature, Arabic-English translation

Eman Alkroud

Translation of the Quran; postcolonial translation; narrative theory

Eman Almutairi

Literary translation; translation of dialect

Paulina Burczynska

Audiovisual translation; multimodality; pragmatics; reception study

Si Cheng

Translation competence; translation pedagogy; corpus-based translation studies; amateur translation

Lingjuan Fan

Non-professional translation; online journalism; citizen media; cultural studies; China and the Internet; language policy

Dinithi Karunanayake

Narrative theory; theatre communities; social justice, peace and conflict; performance

Shabnam Saadat Arkan Najd

Sociological approaches to translation; politics, ideology and translation; censorship; the theory of structuration; collaborative and volunteer translation

Anne-Marie Stead

Carcanet Press and Twentieth-Century Italian Texts in Transmission

Academic visitors

CTIS welcomes academic visitors who wish to spend a period of time, from a few weeks to a year, conducting independent research at the Centre.

Academic visitors have access to the library and other resources and are invited to participate in research seminars and research training events. 

Prospective visitors are requested to contact Abigail Saffer ( in the SALC Research Office to find out more about academic visitor applications.

Associate members

We invite PhD graduates to maintain their connection with CTIS through associate membership.

Maria Aguilar Solano

Assistant Professor of Translation Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston

Research interests: community interpreting, Bourdieu, habitus, ethics, reflexivity, healthcare.

Khaled Al-Shehari

Assistant Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Sultan Qaboos University. Muscat, Oman

Research interests: semiotics and translation; translation and interpreting pedagogy; translation for the medial corpus-based translation studies

Michela Baldo

Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing (CCWW), Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London

Research Interests: literary translation; Italian-Canadian studies; translation of migrant literary and audiovisual works; women’s writing;  gender and sexuality studies; queer studies and translation

Mario Bisiada

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, Departament de Traducció i Ciències del Llenguatge, University of Pompeu Fabra, Spain

David Charlston

Independent researcher, freelance translator

Research interests: comparative analysis of historical Anglophone translations of German philosophy; translation, migration and re-priming of concepts relevant to intercultural ethics; Bourdieusian sociology and the ethics of translating philosophy; hexis and the translator’s will to power; Hegel; Nietzsche.

Elena Davitti

Lecturer in Translation Studies, Centre for Translation Studies, School of English and Languages, University of Surrey

Research interests: interpreter-mediated interaction; conversation analysis; multimodal analysis; interpreter education; micro-analytical approach; virtual learning environment

Carmen Dayrell

Researcher, ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS), Lancaster University

Research interests: corpus linguistics; discourse analysis; corpus-based translation studies; English academic writing; learner corpora

Ahmed Saleh Elimam

Director of Translation Studies, The University of Leicester
Research interests: Qur'an translation; literary translation; ideology in translation; Arabic-English translation issues

Sue-Ann Harding

Assistant Professor in Translation Studies, Translating and Interpreting Institute, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar 

Research interests: social-narrative theory; complexity theory; translation, mass media and configurations of violent conflict; collective memory, literature and translations and issues of state, (national) identity, civil society and social justice

Pauline Henry-Tierney

Lecturer in French, University of Westminster

Research interests: feminist translation theory; gender-conscious translation practice; gender theories; feminisms; contemporary French and Francophone women’s writing; autofiction

Fotios Karamitroglou

Lecturer in Business Terminology, Athens University of Economics and Business

Research interests: business terminology; management; audiovisual translation; subtitling

Sara Laviosa

University of Bari Aldo Moro, Bari, Italy

Research interests: corpora and translation; pedagogic translation; contrastive analysis

Sofia Malamatidou

Lecturer in Translation Studies, Department of English Literature, University of Birmingham

Research interests: corpus-based translation studies; translation and language contact; language and power; audiovisual translation 

Ruselle Meade

Lecturer in Japanese Studies, University of Cardiff

Gabriela Saldanha

Lecturer in Translation Studies, Department of English Literature, University of Birmingham

Research interests: translator style; reception; South-American literature; literary landscapes; gender; corpus linguistics

Caroline Summers

Lecturer in German, University of Leeds

Research interests: literary translation, East German literature, authorship in translation, theories of power and cultural exchange, narrative theory

Sun Tingting

Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Research interests: interpreting studies, training of interpreters, sociolinguistics

Yu Zhongli

University of Nottingham Ningbo, China 

Research interests: gender and translation, translation of women’s writing, literary translation, sci-tech translation, translation teaching,  comparative literature

Zhao Wenjing

Centre for translation studies, School of International Studies, Henan Normal University, China

Research interests: translation history, translation theories and practice, media/journalistic translation