Entering Early Christianity via Pompeii

A virtual guide to the world of the New Testament

Have you ever wondered about the different types of people that belonged to early Christian groups? Have you ever wondered about how they lived? Or about how New Testament texts related to their lives? Come with us to Pompeii, where abundant evidence of common first-century living conditions will inspire you to think through these issues in a new way.

A street in Pompeii, Italy, with Vesuvius on the horizon.

Click 'Finding your way around' below to download the information you need to start exploring. 'Character cards' will introduce you to Holconius, Sabina, Iris and a cast of other Christians as they open a letter from the apostle Paul. The other boxes will take you on a tour of different houses and buildings at Pompeii, complete with discussion points and activities. The resources are suitable for adult learners working on their own or as part of a study group.


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