The following members of staff are affiliated with our centre.

Professor Peter Oakes

  • Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis
  • Research interests: New Testament in the Graeco- Roman world, Paul’s letters and theology, diversity among New Testament audiences, archaeology, economics.
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Dr Todd Klutz 

  • Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Early Christian Literature
  • Research interests: Luke-Acts, the Pastoral Epistles, Magic in Late Antiquity, Gnosticism, The Testament of Solomon.
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Dr Holly Morse

  • Senior Lecturer in Bible, Gender and Culture
  • Research interests: The Hebrew Bible, gender criticism, feminist criticism, visual arts, female biblical interpretation, reception theory, critical theory, hermeneutics.
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Dr Andrew Boakye

  • Lecturer in Religions and Theology
  • Research interests: Pauline theology, Pauline Christology, Abraham, the use of the Hebrew Bible in the New Testament, revification in the Jewish texts, identity construction in ancient Christianity.
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Dr Sarah Parkhouse

  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow - "Coptic Apocrypha, Lived Religion, and the Egyptian Landscape"
  • Research interests: early Christianity, ancient religions, place, space and landscape.
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Professor Stuart Campbell

  • Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology
  • Research interests: Archaeology of the Near and Middle East, social meanings of pottery, scientific archaeology and the use of computers in archaeology.
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Prof Daniel Langton

  • Head of the Department of Religions and Theology
  • Research interests: Jewish history, with particular expertise in Jewish-Christian relations.
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Dr Jeremy Penner

  • Curator of African and Near Eastern Manuscripts, John Rylands Library
  • Research interests: Dead Sea Scrolls, Papyrology, Prayer, Ritual, Ancient Sacrifice and Priesthood

Prof Alexander Samely

Current and Recent PhD Students

Sherry Ashworth

David Bell

  • Thesis: 'Children in the Community of the Text: The Place of Children and Childhood in the Formation, Transmission and Reception of New Testament Texts in Early Christian Communities'
  • Supervisors: Peter Oakes and Roberta Mazza

Anna Budhi-Thornton

  • Thesis: 'To what extent can we learn of the masculinity of the historical Jesus and can this help feminist interpretation of the New Testament Biblical texts?'
  • Supervisors: Peter Oakes and Holly Morse

Hannah Campbell

  • Thesis: Sacrifice & Daughters in HB

Joshua Crosby

  • Thesis: Graeco-Roman views of Jerusalem Temple

Lev Eakins

Tim Gough

  • Thesis: ‘Rereading the God-fearers in Acts: History, rhetoric, and category construction.'
  • Supervisors: Todd Klutz and Andrew Boakye

Joshua Hunt

  • Thesis: New creation/birth in Paul/John

Vivian Jones-Johnson

  • Thesis: 'God has left the building: The death of the black church. A Study in Black Gender and Sexuality’
  • Supervisors: Peter Oakes and Holly Morse

Mateusz Krzesinski

  • Thesis: 'Circumcision of Heart' in Romans 2.29 in Light of the Jewish Concept of Purity'
  • Supervisors: Peter Oakes and Andrew Boakye

Rachel Miller

  • Thesis: ‘An intersectional analysis of women’s agency, men’s violence, and victim-blaming in the Hebrew Bible’
  • Supervisors: Holly Morse and Todd Klutz 

Georgia Ovens

  • Thesis: 'The Application of ‘Woman as Symbol, Women as Agents’ (Susan Starr Sered, 1999): Concepts of Gender in Select Writings from the Nag Hammadi Codices and Related Codices'
  • Supervisors: Holly Morse and Todd Klutz 

John Saleeb

Daniel Skuce

Julie Thornton

  • Thesis: ‘What Influence did the Roman Empire have on Paul’s View of Imperialism as he Grew Up in Tarsus and how did this Reflect in his Letters?'
  • Supervisors: Peter Oakes and Andrew Boakye

Andrew Wisdom

  • Thesis: 'The Renewing of Your Minds: Psychological Trauma and Mental Health in the Pauline Epistles'
  • Supervisors: Todd Klutz and Andrew Boakye

Emeritus Staff

Professor Philip S Alexander FBA

  • Emeritus Professor of Post-Biblical Jewish Studies
  • Research interests: Dead Sea Scrolls, the Targums, Jewish Bible Interpretation, Jewish Mysticism
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Professor George J Brooke

  • Emeritus Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis 
  • Research interests: Dead Sea Scrolls; Apocrypha; Pseudepigrapha; the Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament

Professor John F Healey FBA

  • Emeritus Professor of Semitic Studies
  • Research interests: Semitic languages; Aramaic and Syriac epigraphy and linguistics; Syriac Christianity
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Professor Bernard Jackson

  • Emeritus Alliance Professor of Modern Jewish Studies
  • Research interests: Biblical Law

Honorary Research Fellows

Professor Loveday Alexander

  • Research interests: Luke-Acts

Dr J.L. Andruska

  • Research Interests: Biblical & Ancient Near Eastern Wisdom Literature; Song of Songs & Ancient Near Eastern Love Literature; Hebrew/Aramaic Linguistics & Philology; Cognitive Linguistics; Love, Sexuality & Gender in the Hebrew Bible; Literary Criticism; Feminist Interpretations of the Hebrew Bible; the Bathsheba Story; Biblical Law; and Ancient Near Eastern & Greco-Roman History.

Dr Stephen Barton 

  • Research interests: New Testament

Dr Kent Brower

Revd Canon Professor Richard Burridge

  • Research interests: Jesus, the Gospels and New Testament Ethics

Dr Maria Cioată

Dr Matthew Collins

Dr Adrian H W Curtis

  • Research interests: Ugaritic Literature and Canaanite Religion, the Religion and History of Ancient Israel, the book of Psalms
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Dr Walter Houston

Dr Helen R Jacobus

Dr Siobhán Jolley

  • Research Interests: Religion and Art with specialisms in Mary Magdalene, the reception of biblical women and the New Testament in art and popular culture, and feminist approaches.

Dr Dominika Kurek-Chomycz

  • Research interests: Corinthian correspondence, Gender, Emotions and Sense Perception in Early Judaism and Early Christianity, Septuagint
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Dr David Lamb

Professor Paul Middleton

  • Research interests: Martyrology; Early Christian Identity; Music and Theology

Professor Mary Mills

  • Research interests: Biblical Morality; Pain and Suffering in the Prophetic Literature
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Dr Dwight Swanson 

Dr Megan Warner

  • Research interests: Genesis and Pentateuch; Trauma as a hermeneutical lens.

Staff of affiliated theological colleges

Dr Kirsi Cobb (Cliff College)

  • Research Interests:

Dr Samuel Hildebrandt (Nazarene)

  • Research Interests:

Dr Svetlana Khobnya (Nazarene)

  • Research Interests:

Dr MiJa Wi (Nazarene)

  • Research Interests: