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Religions and Theology


Find out about the people that make up our Religions and Theology department.

We have one of the UK’s highest international reputations for research.

You'll be taught by scholars of international standing who are linguists, anthropologists, theologians of several religions, philosophers, historians, and critical theorists.

Head of subject

Academic staff

  • Dr Andrew Boakye - Lecturer in Religions and Theology
  • Dr Youssef Choueiri - Reader In Islamic Studies - on extended leave from September 2015
  • Dr Dan Garner - Lecturer in Religions and Theology
  • Dr Maria Cioata - British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dr Michael Hoelzl - Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion
  • Dr Kamran Karimullah - Lecturer in Islamic Philosophy and Medicine
  • Dr Katharina Keim - British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Dr Todd Klutz - Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Early Christian Literature
  • Prof Daniel Langton - Professor of Jewish History
  • Prof David Law - Professor of Christian Thought and Philosophical Theology
  • Dr Scott Midson - Lincoln Theological Institute Research Fellow
  • Dr Holly Morse - Lecturer in Bible, Gender and Culture
  • Professor Alexander Samely, Professor of Jewish Thought
  • Prof Peter Scott - Samuel Ferguson Professor of Applied Theology and Director of the Lincoln Theological Institute
  • Dr Renate Smithuis - Lecturer in Medieval Jewish Studies
  • Ms Katja Stuerzenhofecker - Lecturer Gender Studies in Religion
  • Dr Jacqueline Suthren Hirst - Senior Lecturer in Comparative Religion
  • Prof Alan Williams - Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Religion
  • Dr John Zavos - Senior Lecturer in South Asian Studies

Honorary research fellows

  • Dr Peter Nockles

Emeritus staff

  • Prof Philip Alexander - Professor of Post-Biblical Jewish Literature
  • Prof George Brooke - Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis

Professional support staff

  • Gemma McCabe - Undergraduate Programme Administrator