To study Religions and Theology at The University of Manchester is to study at a university with world class resources.

The Library had every book you needed and there was lots of space to work.

Laura Beeley / 2nd year

Library books and collections

A distinctive research resource is The University of Manchester Library. As well as providing an excellent general collection of books on Religions and Theology and related areas (paper and online), the library houses many collections of world importance. Many of these are housed in the University’s John Rylands Research Institute and Library.

There is a substantial collection of papyri, including the oldest manuscript fragment of a New Testament book. There are also several major archives, including the Methodist archive, which contains a large number of original documents by John Wesley.

Additional course units

The University of Manchester offers a wide range of other course units that you would be able to engage with alongside Religions and Theology units to enhance your studies.

Within the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, there are courses in History, Classics, Archaeology, Art History, English Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, Music and Drama. Instruction is also available in a wide range of languages.

Beyond our School, students can also draw on courses in, for example, Social Sciences.

The city of Manchester

The city itself is also a resource for the Religions and Theology student. Some undergraduate courses engage directly with our urban environment in order to explore sacred spaces in ways that provide a distinctive ‘feel’ to our programmes.

Whether you are interested in studying at Undergraduate or MA level, or in researching at PhD level, Manchester offers unparalleled resources and a diverse cosmopolis as the context for your study.

Using our cultural assets for your studies