Centre for Biblical Studies

With more than 30 active researchers, the Centre for Biblical Studies is one of the world's most productive biblical research centres and is the principal home of all the University's postgraduate and staff activity in biblical studies.

The Centre carries forward the work which established a worldwide reputation for biblical studies at Manchester, notably through the work of the holders of the Rylands Chair of Biblical Criticism and ExegesisPeake, C.H. Dodd, T.W. Manson, F.F. Bruce, Barnabas Lindars SSF, Christopher M. Tuckett, George J. Brooke, and Peter Oakes.

The Centre for Biblical Studies is central to the academic life of all biblical studies graduate students at Manchester. The CBS provides opportunities for professional growth through international trips, scholarships, weekly lectures, and academic support.

In the 2017 QS world university subject rankings, The University of Manchester ranked seventh in the world, second in the UK, and third in Europe for research citations in Theology, Divinity, and Religious Studies. The majority of the works leading to this high ranking were published by those affiliated with the Centre.

Research interests

Affiliates of the Centre for Biblical Studies have interests ranging from Ugaritic Literature through to early Rabbinic Judaism. Key to the activity of the Centre is the study of the literature and cultural contexts of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament. In addition, the Centre hosts several specialists in early Christian gnosticism and early Judaism, especially the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Research highlights include: 

For the current research interests of those affiliated with the Centre for Biblical Studies, please visit the People page. 

Research collaboration

The Centre provides facilities for postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars who may wish to spend study leave working in the strongly research-oriented Department of Religions and Theology at Manchester. Recent visitors have included scholars holding awards from the British Academy, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Economic and Social Research Council, and the John Rylands Research Institute and Library.

The Bible, Gender and Church (BGC) Research Centre is an inter-institutional research group led by Cliffe College and UoM's R&T department that develops partnerships to promote equality and diversity in a variety of Christian contexts.