Eh-den Perlove

Working Title of PhD
Ghostlight: Illuminating Oppressive Structures That Impede Marginalized Groups in Contemporary Theater in the United States


  • Dr. Abigail Gilmore
  • Dr. David Calder

Overview of PhD

My research examines theater’s role in generating sociopolitical change in the contemporary United States, particularly identifying and eliminating structural barriers to the creation and dissemination of marginalized groups’ art. I build on academic literature discussing how marginalized groups’ art drives social change and empirical research around artists’ needs and barriers they face. I seek to answer how arts organizations’ policies can address and redress structural inequalities and barriers for marginalized artists.


Eh-den Perlove has focused her career on organizations that support the works of oppressed groups. She has an M.A. in Business Design and Arts Leadership from Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.A. in Drama from Pace University. She has worked at The Public Theater, The Apollo Theater, and is currently on the executive staff of SheNYC Arts, a national non-profit supporting the work of marginalized gender theater-makers.

PhD-related publications, presentations or other outputs

Nineteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society…Seoul, South Korean (Hanyang University)
Panelist- May 2024
Discussing the Theater Pipeline Problem

Modern Language Association…Philadelphia, PA
Panelist- January 2024
Theatre In/Of Joy and Sorrow: Performance & Embodiment of Marginalized Communities in the Americas

Washington Post
Author, Opinion- August 2023
Theater’s funding is complicated

Association of Theater in Higher Education… Austin, TX
Panelist- August 2023
Women & Theatre Program Emerging Scholars Panel, Analyzing and Breaking Theater’s Glass Ceiling: Barriers to Access for Marginalized Gender Theater-Makers

Twenty-third International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations… Toronto, Canada (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Panelist- June 2023
Creative Problem Solving: Waiting in the Wings, Breaking Down Barriers for Marginalized Theater-Makers

Philadelphia Theater Research Symposium… Philadelphia, PA (Villanova University)
Panelist- May 2023
Learning from the Present, Shaping the Future: Access, Inclusion, and Care

Everything You Didn’t Learn in Theater School... New York, NY
Moderator and Speaker - April 2022
Topics ranged from Diversity and Inclusion, Disability Inclusivity, Starting an Arts Business, and more.

America 101 and Educational Alliance Present… New York, NY
Presenter and Interviewer - July 2017-August 2020
Presented and interviewed experts about their work and the impact it has on our communities. Topics ranged from how to become an organizer, the census, climate change, immigration, and more.

NYU School of Social Work & The America 101 Project… New York, NY
Presenter and Moderator- April 2018
Moderated panel discussion about immigration in the United States

Savannah College of Art and Design Graduate Salon… Savannah, GA (Savannah College of Art and Design)
Panelist- February 2018
Selected as one of three graduate students to present a selection from my master’s thesis, An Analysis of Trends in Arts Activism in the Commercial Market

Columbia University School of Social Work… New York, NY
Panelist and Moderator- December 2017
Moderated and presented a panel about social work, activism, and advocacy

Columbia University: How to Be an Activist... New York, NY
Presenter and Panelist - December 2017
Participated and planned a discussion for the School of Social work about how to become an activist and advocate.


Twitter: @shenyc_arts (organization twitter)
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