Eduardo Paolozzi's Wittgenstein in New York
Eduardo Paolozzi's Wittgenstein in New York.

Whitworth Studies

The Department of Art History at The University of Manchester has collaborated with The Whitworth Art Gallery on its 'Whitworth Studies' initiative.


Whitworth Studies aims to encourage and support a wide range of research projects between the Whitworth and Art History, artists, other parts of The University of Manchester, and visiting researchers from other universities. This research activity leads to exhibitions, conferences, lecture series, events, performances, and research on the Whitworth’s collections.


Internationally recognised researchers from The University of Manchester and beyond give public lectures and presentations of many kinds, as well as artists talking about their work. Whitworth Studies also encourages experimental encounters with research and experimental forms of presenting research as a signature aspect of its public programme.


The Whitworth Studies programme is designed to appeal to the highly engaged Whitworth public; UG, MA and PhD students with interests in visual culture; researchers at all levels who want to stage or present research on visual culture; and the wider art community of Manchester and the North West.

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