Art History and Museology are committed to putting our research to use outside academia.

Our approach is guided by our long history of engagement with the art world (through curating exhibitions, commissioning artists, and training museum professionals), and by the rich and accessible cultural assets in the region.

It is driven by the commitment of all colleagues to impact activities, carrying through all levels:

  • at UG level with virtual exhibitions and art writing exercises;
  • at PGT and PGR levels through internship and residency schemes; and
  • with postdoctoral applicants, who are often encouraged to propose gallery displays/exhibitions as part of their applications.

We are particularly strong in four areas of research-led impact:

  1. Public engagement and understanding of the visual arts and architecture.
  2. Impact upon the ideas, policies and practices of professional groups.
  3. Advice and consultancy given to galleries and dealers.
  4. Public engagement and understanding through media outlets.

Previous exhibitions

We are particularly committed to curating exhibitions. In recent years these include:

  • ‘Blake’s Shadow’ (Whitworth Art Gallery 2008, Korea 2009) – curated by Colin Trodd.
  • ‘Subversive Spaces’ (2009, WAG,Compton Verney, UEA) – curated by David Lomas and others.
  • ‘Narcissus Reflected’ (Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2011) – curated by David Lomas.
  • ‘Compass and Rule: Architecture as a Mathematical Practice in England 1500-1750’ (Oxford 2009, and YCBA New Haven 2010) – curated by Anthony Gerbino.
  • ‘Burning Bright:William Blake and the Art of the Book’ (John Rylands Library, 2012) – curated by Colin Trodd and Stella Halkyard.
  • ‘Imprinting the Imagination: Northern Renaissance Prints from the Holtorp Collection’ (The John Rylands Library, 8 May - 26 October 2014) - curated by Edward H. Wouk.
  • ‘Michelle Stuart – Drawn from Nature’ (Djanogy Art Gallery, Nottingham and Parrish Art Museum and Santa Barbara Museum of Art - 21 July 2013 to 20 April 2014) - curated by Anna Lovatt. 
  • ‘Coral - Something Rich and Strange’ (Manchester Museum, 29 November 2013 to 16 March 2014) - curated by Marion Endt-Jones.
  • ‘Marcantonio Raimondi and Raphael’ (The Whitworth, September 2016) - collaboration of curators, academics and BA and MA students from Art History.

Impact case studies