Our degree programmes have produced a number of high-achieving graduates, many of whom have gone on to outstanding international careers in the arts, journalism, auction houses, curating, and academia.

Edward Gates

Director of the Fort George Museum, Vis, Croatia

I am at present the Director of the Fort George Museum, Vis, Croatia. The museum was officially opened in 2013 and my role has been to source and procure the material to create a standing collection as well as organise the Summer Exhibitions. This year the museum had the pleasure of welcoming a number of Second World War veterans to the opening of this year's Summer Exhibition, 'Vis and the Second World War in the Adriatic'.

Prior to Croatia, I worked for a specialist cultural travel company, researching and composing itineraries or museum patron groups and private clients. I have also worked as a guide in Istanbul and Greece, teaching the subjects of Byzantine art and architecture.

My undergraduate studies at the University of Manchester equipped me with the knowledge base and research skills that have been vital for me to progress in the commercial and academic world of art history. The tutors and teaching staff were exceedingly supportive throughout my studies and encouraged me to pursue the subject to a Masters level at the Courtauld Institute of Art, which I graduated from in 2008. The wide range of resources available to undergraduates at the University of Manchester and the opportunity to regularly meet with academic staff one on one created a positive and focused environment in which to study and one I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience.

Rebecca Atkinson

Online Publications Editor at Museums Association

Rebecca studied History of Modern Art (2003).

Rebecca is responsible for commissioning and writing articles and publishing online editorials. She is also involved in organising events and conferences for the Museums Association, as well as devising input for larger shows and exhibitions.

"My degree sparked an interest in learning, art, and social history, which I have never lost. I can’t emphasise enough how important curiosity is for an art historian and a journalist."

After graduating, Rebecca took time to gain experience in a number of sectors to improve her employability options. She soon secured a role as a personal finance journalist, which enabled her to further develop her strong writing and analytical skills. It was through this experience and the skills she acquired that led to her current position.

For Rebecca, her degree helped her initially establish the skills needed to develop her career.

"My degree has helped my progression chiefly because it has provided a strong foundation on which everything else has grown."

Lindsey King

Senior Appraiser Associate and Art Consultant at Appraisal Resource Associates

Lindsey studied MA Art History and Visual Studies (2006).

Lindsey lives and works in New York where she is a Senior Appraisal Associate. Lindsey uses a number of factors, including the marketplace, law and public opinion, to make evaluations used for insurance, estate management or calculating charitable giving contributions.

Lindsey also works part-time as an online instructor at the Academy of Art University, facilitating discussion groups, tutoring students and grading student submissions.

Lindsey attributes many of the skills she uses in her current role to her time in Manchester.

"This job requires refined research and writing skills - both of which I learned at Manchester."

For Lindsey, originally from the US, her time at Manchester proved to be a fantastic experience that allowed her to develop more than just academic skills.

"I look at my time at Manchester fondly - not only did I receive a world-class education, I also made lifelong friends. Manchester offers an urban university setting where you are able to be completely immersed in the experience of your education."

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