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Linguistics and English Language

Current PhD students

Read about the theses and research interests of some of our current PhD students in Linguistics and English Language.

  • Samer Ahmer - 'Xerbi Kurmanji: A morphosyntactic and structural analysis’ (supervised by Yaron Matras and Eva Schultze-Berndt).
  • Aseel Almuhaimeed - 'Phonological Processes in the Najdi Arabic Dialect: An Optimality Theory Approach' (supervised by Wendell Kimper and Yuni Kim).
  • Abdullah Alzaaq - 'Loanword Adaptation' (supervised by Wendell Kimper).
  • Juliette Angot - 'A Cross-Cultural Study of French and Korean Epistemic Markers' (supervised by Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen and Martina Faller).
  • Imene Bensalem - 'Policy, Practices and Perceptions: The Case of Tamazight Minority Language in Algeria' (supervised by Yaron Matras).
  • Massimiliano Canzi - 'Lexical Knowledge and its Influence on Speech Perception' (supervised by Wendell Kimper).
  • Maria Chioti - 'The Effect of Priming on Accent Attitudes: An Investigation of their Affective and Cognitive Bases' (supervised by Wendell Kimper and Marije Van Hattum).
  • Stefano Coretta - 'Vowel Duration and Consonant Voicing: An Articulatory Study' (supervised by Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Patrycja Strycharczuk).
  • Lisa Donlan - 'You Either Die a Cinnamon Roll or Live Long Enough to Become a Problematic Fave: The Carnivalesque Discursive Practices of Fandom Blogs on Tumblr' (supervised by Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen and Andrea Nini).
  • Emtenan Eifan - 'Grammaticalization of Function Words: Cross-dialectal Study of Arabic' (supervised by Yaron Matras and Tine Breban).
  • Leonie Gaiser - 'Arabic in a Global Diaspora - Maintenance of and Provisions for Arabic in Manchester, UK' (supervised by Yaron Matras and Rebecca Tipton).
  • Alexandru Giurgea - 'Two Minimalist Analyses of Free Relatives in Romanian' (supervised by Julio Villa-Garcia and Delia Bentley).
  • Christopher Hicks - 'Phi-Feature Marking and Theories of Agreement' (supervised by Kersti Börjars and John Payne).
  • Roisin Huggins - 'A Comparative Investigation of the Diachronic Pragmatics of Negation in the Romance Languages' (supervised by Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen and Delia Bentley).
  • Chit Fung Lam - 'The Typology of Null Subject Languages: A Lexical-Functional Grammar Analysis' (supervised by Kersti Börjars and Eva Schultze-Berndt).
  • Sarah Mahmood - 'A Cross-Linguistic Study of Glides in the Sinitic, Slavonic, and Romance Families' (supervised by Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Patrycja Strycharczuk).
  • Alina Mclellan - 'Modality and its Interaction with Tense and Aspect in Reunionese Creole' (supervised by Delia Bentley).
  • Lorenzo Moretti - 'Do Between Modal Auxiliaries in Early Modern English: A Usage-Based Study' (supervised by Tine Breban and Kersti Börjars).
  • Donald Morrison - 'The Phonology of Scottish Gaelic' (supervised by Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, Claire Nance and Wendell Kimper).
  • Anh Khoi Nguyen - 'Heritage Language Maintenance in an 'Integrated' Minority' (supervised by Yaron Matras).
  • Stephen Nichols - 'The Phonology and Typology of Height Harmony in the Bantu Languages' (supervised by Wendell Kimper and Yuni Kim).
  • Heidi Reid - 'The TMA System of Bastimentos Creole English' (supervised by Eva Schultze-Berndt and Delia Bentley).
  • Colin Rutland - 'Vagueness in Nouns and Adjectives: Towards a Unifying Theory' (supervised by Andrew Koontz-Garboden and Martina Faller).
  • Zainab Salloo - 'Heritage Language Use, Maintenance and Identity in Manchester's South Asian Community' (supervised by Yaron Matras).
  • Roxanne Taylor - 'Argument Structure and Genitive Modification in the Old English Noun Phrase' (supervised by Kersti Börjars and Tine Breban).
  • Kaiyue Xing - 'The Sociophonetics and Phonology of Mandarin Rhoticity' (supervised by Maciej Baranowski and Patrycja Strycharczuk).