Linguistics and English Language at The University of Manchester is unrivalled in its exceptional breadth of subject areas and theoretical approaches.

Our particular strengths include:

  • phonetics and phonology;
  • morphology;
  • syntax (lexical-functional grammar, role and reference grammar, construction grammar, and minimalism);
  • (formal) semantics and pragmatics;
  • historical linguistics;
  • the linguistics of English;
  • typology;
  • language contact and sociolinguistics;
  • historical linguistics;
  • endangered languages;
  • field linguistics;
  • language documentation;
  • quantitative corpus-based approaches.

We believe that it is important to study language in its social and cultural contexts; several of our staff are engaged in research on language variation and its correlation with social conditions such as class, gender, and age.

With its diverse local communities, Manchester is an ideal site for carrying out research on such variation, as well as on multilingualism.