Postgraduate research

PhD programmes in English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing

Our research degrees (PhD, MPhil) can be taken in any of the School's disciplines. We can offer a very wide range of supervision, thanks to the diverse expertise of our academic staff. We also have a strong record of success in joint supervision, where a PhD student works with two supervisors who have complementary specialist fields.

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You'll benefit from a research culture that includes seminars, masterclasses, public lectures, symposia and reading groups.

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Current PhD Students

Postgraduate researchers in English Literature and Creative Writing pursue a wide range of different topics. Explore the research of some of our current PhD students.

Past PhD Students

Some of the PhD theses our students have recently completed:

  • Gillian Redfern – ‘Back to the Future? Look North - It's Positively Medieval’
  • Natalie Armitage - ‘The Voodoo Doll as Historical and Cultural Artefact’
  • Daisy Black - 'Comic appearances of women as agents of spiritual instruction in late Medieval and Early Modern drama and art'
  • Clara Bradbury-Rance - 'The Queer Lesbian Spaces of Contemporary Cinema'
  • Lucy Burns – ‘Twentieth-Century Dream-Poetry’
  • Edmund Chapman - ‘Afterlives: Benjamin, Derrida and literature in translation’
  • Yulin Chen - 'The Invention of History: The Engagement and Construction of the Past by Lesbian Writers of the Late 20th Century'
  • Stephen Gordon - 'The Theatre of Death: Ghosts, Perception and the Funerary Performance'
  • Alexandra Lester-Makin - 'Embroidery and its context in the British Isles during the early medieval period (AD 450-1100)'
  • Charlotte Haines – ‘The Nine Lives of Jeopardy Jones’
  • Ben Moore - 'Invisible Architecture: Ideologies of Space in the Nineteenth-Century City'
  • Valerie O'Riordan - 'Short Story Cycles in the Twenty-First Century: Time and Memory in the Work of Jennifer Egan, Davd Vann and Keith Ridgway'
  • Tasneem Perry - 'Contemporary Resident Sri Lankan Writing: Inherent Hybridity, Enforced Essentialism'
  • Arbaayah Ali Termizi - 'Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra in the Eighteenth Century'
  • Burcu Alkan - 'Intellectual Heroes and Intellectuality in Social Realist Novel of Twentieth Century World Literature'
  • M Letizia Alterno - 'A Narrative of India Beyond History: Anti-colonial Resistance and Post-colonial Negotiations in Raja Rao's Works'
  • Fran Alverez - 'A comparative analysis of the palaeography of the manuscripts containing the bilingual version of the RSB written in England'
  • Kate Ash - '"Off quhat nacioun art thow?": The Enigma of National Identity in the Middle Ages'
  • Elizabeth Aucott - 'Interactivity in experimental fiction, hypertext and online gaming environment'
  • Anita Auer - 'Language standardisation and prescription in the eighteenth century: the subjunctive in English and (Austrian) German'
  • Yousef Awad - 'Cartographies of Arab Women Identities: Resistance, Diaspora, and Transnational Feminism'
  • Alan Boyle - 'The Gaelic League, policies of the Irish government in 1922'
  • Erinn Campbell - 'Rhizomes, Realms and Narrative Strategies in The Canterbury Tales'
  • Alison Cort - 'Recent and current change in the modal verb'
  • Kai-Yeung Fung - 'Fyodor Dostoevsky and the representation of epilepsy in the 19th century urbanity'
  • Stella Halkyard - 'Wales and Welshness imagined and represented in visual culture, film and Welsh writing in English, 1936-53'
  • Liam Haydon - '"I sing"? Narrative Techniques in Epic Poetry'
  • Michael Hazzelby - 'Situation Critical: the Situationist International, Herbert Marcuse and Aesthetic Resistance to 1960s Consumer Culture'
  • Matthew Helmers - 'How is the homosexual subject conceptualized?'
  • Angela Lait - 'Work Trauma and Spiritual Recovery: The Search for Solace in Late-Capitalist Literature'
  • Chia-Jung Lee - 'Between Reality and Reflection: Subjectivity as Self and Language as Other'
  • Danielle Nunn-Weinberg - 'Clothing and Textile References in Sixteenth-Century Lancashire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire Wills and Inventories'
  • Rebecca Pohl - 'Alternative Constructions of Space and Sexuality in Recent British Fiction: Sexing the Labyrinth'
  • Hannah Priest - 'Monstrous Subjectivity in Middle English and Anglo-Norman Verse'
  • Sabine Sharp – ‘Utopia and Dystopia: Reimagining Gender and Sexual Categories in Feminist Science Fiction’
  • Adam White - 'The Literary Clare'.
  • Jessica White - 'Women's Relationships in Post-War Britain'