CIDRAL Events Grant

In 2022-2023 CIDRAL held its inaugural Events Grant Competition. For the competition, researchers in SALC are invited to propose events or workshops based on new forms of collaboration within the School.

Previous and current winners are:


  • Leah Astbury, Catherine Evans, Clara Dawson: 'Animals and the Archive 1500-1900'
  • Ruth Morello, Douglas Field, Ina Berg: 'Heritage and Archival Correspondences: The Attentive Public and the "Impact" of Discovery'
  • Réka Polonyi, Rohi Jehan: 'Patching and Mending: On Care, Repair, and Things Falling Apart'
  • Emma Martin, Lewis Ryder: 'Imperial Archives of Feeling: Bureaucracy and Emotion in Records of the Colonial Object'



  • MaoHui Deng, Sophie Everest, Andy Hardman: 'Applied Creative Practice'
  • Malena Bedoya, Erica Baffelli, Robert Hume, Emi Ozawa: 'Fear in Times of Uncertainty'