Everyone is welcome to our public events. Masterclasses and Theory Intensives are reserved for staff and postgraduate students in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

Usually no booking is required, but when it is, this will be clearly marked on the event information.

View our current CIDRAL programme which has a different theme each semester, and below you'll find a list of our upcoming events. Please check back as details of our events may change.

Upcoming events

Animals and the Archive

14 June 2024

This one-day workshop brings emerging and established scholars together to explore how archival sources reveal relationships between animals and humans focusing on agency, cultural priorities and archival practices with regards to non-human subjects. This event is organised by Leah Astbury, Clara Dawson and Catherine Evans. It is being suppo..

Empire and the Affective Archive: Understanding Bureaucracy, Emotion, and Activism in Records of the Colonial Object III

16:30 - 17:30 25 June 2024

The third workshop of the Empire and the Affective Archive series is entitled 'Affective Archives and Activist Archiving'. Each of the three CIDRAL-funded one-day workshops aims to develop thinking on the still little considered area of emotion-centred histories of the imperial archive, exploring how feeling, sense, and emotion are archived -..

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