Our research, teaching and support staff in Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology, and Egyptology.

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Head of Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology, and Egyptology

Prof. Peter Liddel
Professor of Greek History and Epigraphy

Research specialisms: Greek political and social history, Attic oratory (especially post-Social War), Greek inscriptions, 19th-century historiography, ancient Greek historiography. 

Academic staff

Dr Mary Beagon 
Reader in Ancient History (Roman)

Research specialism: Cultural and intellectual history of the late Roman Republic and early Empire.

Dr Ina Berg
Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

Research specialisms: Bronze Age Aegean, island studies, quantitative analysis of pottery and the use of ceramics.

Dr Jenny Bryan
Senior Lecturer in Classical Philosophy

Research specialisms: Ancient Philosophy (especially Plato and the Presocratics), genre in Ancient Philosophy.

Prof Stuart Campbell
Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology

Research specialisms: Archaeology of the Near and Middle East, social meanings of pottery, scientific archaeology and the use of computers in archaeology.

Dr Thomas Clements
Lecturer in Greek History

Research specialisms: Archaic and Classical Greece (especially Sparta and the Peloponnese), Greek epigraphy, ancient historiography, pre-modern state formation.   

Prof Hannah Cobb
Professor of Archaeology and Pedagogy / SALC Assistant Undergraduate Director

Research specialisms: The theory and philosophy of archaeology, the archaeology of the Mesolithic-Neolithic in Britain and Europe.

Dr Laura Donati
Lecturer in Roman History

Research specalisms: slavery in the ancient world (especially Rome), Roman social history, Roman law, the history of the family. 

Dr Andrew Fear
Lecturer in Ancient History

Research specialisms: The history of the Roman Empire, Roman provincial history (especially Britain and Spain), the Roman army in Roman and Visigothic periods, early Christianity.

Prof Melanie Giles FBA
Professor of European Prehistory 

Research specialisms: Iron Age histories, the archaeology of identity and personhood, studies of landscape and place, material culture and art.

Dr Emma Griffiths
Lecturer in Classics

Research specialisms: Greek Drama (especially tragedy), Greek literature, ancient childhood, comparative Mythology.

Dr Duncan Keenan-Jones
Lecturer in Classical Archaeology

Prof. Christian Laes
Professor of Ancient History

Research specialisms: Socio-cultural history of (Late) Antiquity, epigraphy, Neo-Latin, didactics of Latin and Ancient Greek.

Dr Borja Méndez Santiago
Margarita Salas Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Ruth Morello
Senior Lecturer in Classics / MA Programme Director

Research specialisms: Greek and Roman historiography (especially Livy), Augustan literature, Roman national identity and imperial ideology, ancient epistolography.

Dr Nicky Nielsen
Senior Lecturer in Egyptology 

Research specialisms: Egyptian archaeology and the material culture of New Kingdom Egypt, with emphasis on ceramics and craft production

Dr Nick Overton
Post-doctoral Research Associate, AHRC TIME project

Research specialisms: Mesolithic Britain and Europe, European Prehistory, Hunter-Gatherer archaeology, Human-Animal relationships, Zooarchaeology and Social Zooarchaeology.

Dr Tom Phillips
Senior Lecturer in Classics

Research specialisms: Greek and Latin Lyric poetry, Hellenistic poetry, Homer, ancient scholarship, literary theory, Romanticism.

Prof Peter Pormann
Professor of Classics and Graeco-Arabic Studies

Research specialisms: Ancient Medical writings, the Graeco-Arabic tradition.

Prof Alison Sharrock
Hulme Professor of Latin

Research specialisms: Latin poetry (particularly Ovid and Augustan poetry), comedy, Lucan, genre, intertextuality and critical theory.

Dr Silvia Speriani
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Research specialisms: Latin literature (especially Horace, Seneca and Pliny the Younger), Roman culture, cognitive and linguistic approaches to Latin literature. 

Dr John Taylor
Lecturer in Greek and Latin Language

Research specialisms: Greek and Latin languages and literature, Greek and Roman history.

Prof Julian Thomas
Professor of Archaeology

Research specialisms: Archaeology of Neolithic Britain and Europe, the theory and philosophy of archaeology, the status of archaeology as a discourse of modernity.

Prof Stephen Todd
Professor of Ancient History

Research specialisms: Greek social and legal history, Attic orators (especially Lysias).

Dr Huw Twiston Davies
Lecturer in Egyptology

Prof Joyce Tyldesley

Professor of Egyptology

Joyce is a teaching-focused Egyptologist.

Emeritus Professors

Prof. Tim Cornell
Professor Emeritus of Ancient History

Research specialisms: historiography, the history of warfare, urbanism and ethnicity, and all aspects of the history of Rome and Italy in the archaic and republican periods.

Prof. David Langslow FBA
Hulme Professor of Latin Emeritus

Research specialisms: Latin and Greek language (historical and literary aspects); language, literature and social history of ancient medicine; the making and transmission of Latin and Greek medical texts.

Prof. John Prag
Professor Emeritus of Classics and Ancient History

Research specialisms: Greek iconography and mythology, facial reconstruction, ancient portraiture, chemical analysis of Greek pottery, application of ancient DNA research.

Honorary Research Fellows

Dr Dalida Agri 

Research specialisms: Augustan and post-Augustan poetry.

Dr Nicolò Benzi

Research specialisms: Ancient philosophy, Greek and Latin language and literature, the intellectual history of the ancient world.

Dr John Briscoe

Research specialisms: Latin Literature and Textual Criticism, Roman and Hellenistic History.

Father Anthony Dykes

Dr William Mundy

Co-ordinator, Classics for All Manchester

Dr Elizabeth Healey

Research specialisms: Archaeology, Obsidian, Lithics, Material Culture studies.

Dr Alastar Jackson

Dr Katherine Molesworth 

Research specialisms: Lycophron’s Alexandra, Hellenistic poetry and Aesthetics, Ancient Greek Literature, visuality, gender expression and performance.

Dr Antonia Sarri

Research specialisms: Papyrology, epistolography, textual criticism, Xenophon

Prof Alessandro Schiesaro 

Research specalisms: Latin literature (especially Virgil, Ovid, Seneca, Lucretius, Horace, and Seneca), literary theory, psychoanalysis, and cultural history. 

Prof Suzanne Stern-Gillet 

Research specialisms: Plato and Neoplatonism, with special emphasis on Plotinus.

Dr John Peter Wild

Research specialisms: Archaeology, archaeological textiles.

Professional support staff

Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Team
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programme Administration 

Emma Wadsworth
Departmental Administrator

Undergraduate Admissions

Postgraduate (Taught) Admissions

Dr John Piprani
Archaeology Technician

Research specialisms: Early European Prehistory, stone tools, teaching and learning.

Associated academic staff

Gillian Evans
Lecturer in Social Anthropology

Anthony Gerbino
Senior Lecturer in Art History 

Charles Insley
Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Todd Klutz
Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Early Christian Literature 

Peter Oakes
Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis 

Paul Oldfield
Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Kay Prag
Visiting Academic, The Manchester Museum

Campbell Price
Curator of Egypt and Sudan, The Manchester Museum 

Alexander Samely
Professor of Jewish Thought

Bryan Sitch
Deputy Head of Collections, The Manchester Museum