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American Studies

Current PhD students

Postgraduate research students in American Studies work on a wide range of topics. Here's an indication of some of the work going on in the programme:

  • Emma Berg Saavedra – ‘Jewishness, Zakar, and Writing: Yiddishkait as a Textual Identity’
  • George Bickers – 'Children of the City': Protests, Counterculture, and Space in the City’
  • Amy Bride – ‘Unveiling the Finance that Haunts the Racial Ghosts of American Gothic Fiction’
  • Gwynne George – ‘Postfeminism, Blackness and Authenticity’
  • Nicole Gipson – ‘Makes Me Wanna Holler: Pathways to Understanding African American Adult Single Able-Bodied Homelessness from 1980’
  • Helen Kilburn – ‘Black Serfs: The Influence of Feudalism, Religious Conflict and Englishness on the Institutionalisation of Slavery in Maryland under the Proprietorship of the Lords Baltimore, 1634-1689’
  • Patrick Massey – ‘New Orleans Exceptionalism in the Cultural Response to Hurricane Katrina’
  • Joseph Morton - 'Reconsidering the Dream: A Critical Examination of California Historiography and Literature'
  • Jonathan Pountney – ‘Race, Region and Class in the Fiction of Raymond Carver, Richard Ford and Tobias Wolff’