Seminars and event highlights

Below you will find a list of seminars and lectures given in the Religions and Theology department. To view current or upcoming events, please follow this link.

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2019-20

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for staff and postgraduates. 

First Semester

  • 26 September - Peter Oakes (University of Manchester) - Comparing Galatians and Romans
  • 3 October - Love, Boundaries & Sacred Texts Group Discussion and Planning
  • 10 October - Mary Mills (Newman University)- Memorialising Jeremiah’s Jerusalem: Walking the City with Walter Benjamin
  • 17 October - Manson Memorial Lecture - Andréas Dettwiler (University of Geneva)
  • 24 October - Benedict Kent (University of Manchester)- Graeco-Roman Curse Tablets and Paul’s Cursing in Galatians
  • 7 November - Meredith J. C. Warren (University of Sheffield) - Human and Divine Justice in the Testament of Abraham
  • 14 November - Benedict Kent and Peter Oakes (University of Manchester)- Enabling Public Understanding of Social Diversity among New Testament Audiences
  • 21 November - George J. Brooke (University of Chester) - Patterns of Priesthood and Patterns of Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 5 December - Adrian Curtis (University of Manchester) - Weeping at Bethel: An Old Idea Revisited

Second Semester

  • 30 January - Kimberley Fowler (Durham University) - Asceticism in Late-Antique Egypt as told through the Book of Thomas the Contender (NHC II,7)
  • 6 February - Bernard Jackson (University of Manchester Emeritus) - Ruth, Rachel and Domestic Religion
  • 13 February - Stephen Barton (University of Manchester and Durham University) - Paul and Mental Health
  • 27 February - Caroline Kaye (Manchester Metropolitan University) - What's Luke got to do with it? Relating the disputation as portrayed in painting to its textual origins

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2018-19

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for staff and postgraduates. 

First Semester

  • 27 September - Paul Middleton (Chester) - The ‘Noble Death’ of Judas Iscariot: Reconsidering Suicide in the Bible and Early Christianity
  • 4 October - Peter Oakes (Manchester) - Revelation 17.1-19.10: A Prophetic Vision of the Destruction of Rome
  • 11 October - Todd Klutz (Manchester) - From Temple to Desert: Contextualising Apocryphon of John 1.17-20
  • 18 October - Francis Watson (Durham) Manson Memorial Lecture - What to Do with Judas: Some Early Proposals
  • 25 October - Five Minute Papers by Prospective Contributors to the Centre for Biblical Studies’ Project entitled Love, Boundaries and Sacred Texts
  • 1 November - Stefan Reif (Cambridge) Co-Sponsored with Centre for Jewish Studies - Attitudes to Non-Jews Reflected in Old Jewish Prayer Books
  • 8 November - Roberta Mazza (Manchester) - Merchants in the Temple: The Contemporary Market in Biblical Manuscripts
  • 22 November - Loveday Alexander (Sheffield) - Social Networks, Legal Aliens, and the Shape of the Church in Acts
  • 29 November - Philip Alexander (Manchester) - The Problem of Philo and the Epistle to the Hebrews Revisited
  • 6 December - Benedict Kent (Manchester) - Jesus as God’s Broker in Romans 8
  • 13 December - David Lamb (Manchester) -The Boundaries of Love: Us and Them Language in 1 John 2:19

Second Semester

  • January 31 - John Healey (Manchester) -The Syriac Bible and Its Status in Different Context
  • February 7 - Ben Pugh (Cliff College) -Pictures of Atonement: Atonement Metaphors from the Standpoint of Pentecost
  • February 14 - Todd Still (Baylor University) - Paul and ‘the Good’
  • February 21 - Dwight Swanson (Nazarene Theological College) - Conflicting Eschatologies: Jesus and the Mahdi (Christian and Shi’a apocalyptic expectation)
  • February 28 - Katie Edwards (Sheffield)
  • March 7 - Fleur Houston (Macclesfield) - Asylum Crisis? An Examination of Isa 16.1 - 5
  • March 14 - Mika Pajunen (Helsinki) - Models of Textual Development and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • March 21 - Svetlana Khobnya (Nazarene Theological College) - The Reality of Faithfulness in 1 Peter: To What Extent Does Peter Create a Model of Faithful Living?
  • March 28 - Gergely Juhasz (Liverpool Hope) - From 1 Corinthians to Galatians: Unity and Discord as Hermeneutical Key for Protestant Self-Understanding in the Early Reformation
  • April 4 - Dominika Kurek-Chomycz (Liverpool Hope) - The Wedded Wife of Romans 7:1-6
  • May 2 - Love, Boundaries, and Sacred Texts Colloquium
  • May 9 - Justin Daneshmand (Manchester) - Visitation and Verdict: Reading the Lukan Nazareth Pericope as a Theoxenic Episode of Theophanic Judgement

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2016-17

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for staff and postgraduates. 

First semester

  • 29 September - Philip Alexander - The Aramaic Bible in the Eastern Jewish Diaspora
  • 6 October - George Brooke - English Observations on German Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship
  • 13 October - Cheryl Exum (Sheffield) - Biblical Art as Biblical Commentary
  • 20 October - Steve Mason (Groningen) - Judaism and Paul: A Category Crisis - Manson Memorial Lecture
  • 27 October - Michael Gorman (St Mary’s Seminary and University) - John’s Implicit Ethic of Enemy Love
  • 3 November - reading week - No seminar
  • 10 November - Gergely Juhasz (Liverpool Hope) - Erasmus and the New Testament
  • 17 November - Adrian Curtis - From People and Book to Text in Context: Reflecting on a Century of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Study
  • 24 November - J. Keith Elliott (Leeds)- ‘Novum Testamentum editum est’: The Five-Hundredth Anniversary of Erasmus’s New Testament
  • 1 December - James R. Davila (St Andrews) - Roles of Angels in 1 Enoch and the Hekhalot Literature
  • 8 December - Hugh Pyper (Sheffield) -Alban Berg’s Wozzeck: A Case Study in Changing Cultural Perceptions of the Bible
  • 15 December - Kimberley Fowler (CNRS/Aix-Marseilles) - Citizenship in the Epistle to Diognetus

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2015-16

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for staff and postgraduates. 

Second semester

  • 4 February - Gerald Downing - Re the ‘re-’ in ‘reconciliation’: a Conciliatory Conclusion
  • 11 February - Mika Pajunen (Helsinki) - On the Paths of Judgment and Salvation: Prophetic Fulfillment and Anticipation in the Psalms of Solomon and the Barkhi Nafshi Hymns
  • 18 February - Richard Britton - From Semiotics to the Sword: Islamist Extremism and the Violence of Christ
  • 25 February - Peter Oakes - Nine Types of Church in Nine Types of Space in the Insula of the Menander at Pompeii
  • 3 March - Yoonjong Kim - ‘We Were Reconciled to God through the Death of His Son’: Reconciliation in Romans in the Light of Interdependence Theory
  • 10 March - Dalit Rom-Shiloni (Tel Aviv) - Hebrew Bible Theology: A Jewish Descriptive Approach
  • 17 March - Katie Edwards (Sheffield) - Biblical Literacies and Popular Culture
  • 14 April - Philippa Townsend (Edinburgh) - ‘From Every Nation’: Judaism, Universalism and the Book of Revelation
  • 21 April - Benedict Kent - Clients, Agents and Brokers: Examining Paul’s Christology from a Graeco-Roman Perspective
  • 28 April - David Shepherd (Dublin) - The Problem of Royal Bloodguilt in the Former Prophets
  • 5 May - Dominika Kurek-Chomyez - The King’s Fragrance and the Spiritual Sense of Smell: Reading Cant 1:3-4 and 1:12 with Origen and Gregory of Nyssa
  • 12 May - Religions and Theology at Manchester since 1904: A Departmental Celebration

First semester

  • 1 October - George Brooke - Aspects of Prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 8 October - David Lamb - Let the Reader Understand: The Function of ‘Narrative Asides’ in the Gospel of John: A Literary and Linguistic Analysis
  • 15 October - Walter Houston - Justice Divine and Royal: the Usage and Ideology of 'Justice and Righteousness' in the Hebrew Bible
  • 22 October - Marcus Bockmuehl (Oxford) - 2015 Manson Memorial Lecture: The Personal Presence of Jesus in the Writings of Paul
  • 29 October - Katharina Keim - Joshua in the Samaritan Traditions in the Gaster Collection
  • 12 November - Mary Mills (Liverpool Hope) - Locating the Prophet: Political Geography in Jeremiah 26-28
  • 19 November - Stefania Slivestri - The Medieval Hebrew Bible from Sepharad: Production and Patronage
  • 26 November - Philip Alexander - Narrative and Counter-Narrative: The Jewish Anti-Gospel (the Toledot Yeshu) and the Christian Gospels 
  • 3 December - Jessica Keady (Chester) - The Role of Female Impurity in Rape Culture Discourse: A Gendered Perspective on Genesis 34
  • 10 December - Matt Collins (Chester) - Abandoning the Quest for the Historical Teacher: History and Ideology in the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 17 December- 1 pm: End of Semester Lunch at Cafe Rylands; 2 pm Visit to the Library

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2014-15

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for Staff and Postgraduates 

Second semester 2014-15 

  • 29 January - Visit to the Manchester City Art Gallery with Meg Parnell - 2.10 pm A Brief Introduction to the Collections with special attention to Holman Hunt’s Hireling Shepherd and other biblical items
  • 5 February - Michael Flowers - Josephus’ ‘Ambiguous Oracle’
  • 12 February - Gergely Juhász (Liverpool Hope) - Early-Modern English Afterlife Beliefs and Exegesis: The Debate between William Tyndale and George Joye on Translating ‘Resurrection’
  • 19 February - David Harvey - More τιμή for the Agitators: Another Reading of the Conflict in Galatians
  • 25 February Postgraduate Seminar - 4 pm Graduate School; contact:
  • 26 February - Richard Britton - Truth or Trick: Is Hermeneutics Ever Possible?
  • 5 March - Andy Boakye - Dead Men Walking: The Spirit, the Living Christ and Abraham’s Legacy in Paul
  • 12 March - Walter Houston - Justice and Righteousness: A Concept and Its Contexts
  • 19 March - Mi Ja Wi - Is the Response Humans Give to the Offer of Salvation… Necessary? Reflections on Luke 7 and 15
  • 16 April - The 50th Anniversary of the Ehrhardt Seminar - A Special Event; details to be confirmed
  • 23 April - Kirsi Cobb (Cliff College) - What Does Aaron Do to Help? Re-evaluating the Role and Function of Aaron in Numbers 12:1-16
  • 24 April - Postgraduate Training Day with Leeds, Durham and Sheffield - Friday Precise time and venue in Leeds to be announced
  • 30 April - Amy-Jill Levine (Vanderbilt) - Sherman Lecture Feedback Session
  • 7 May - Elizabeth Shively (St Andrews) - How Apocalyptic Discourse Functions as Social Discourse in the Gospel of Mark

First semester 2014-15 

  • 25 September - Peter Oakes (Manchester) - ‘Our Politeuma is in Heaven’ (Phil. 3:20): Institutions and Identity in Jewish and Roman Contexts
  • 2 October - Ben Williams (JRRI) - Early Modern Jewish and Christian Readers of Midrash
  • 9 October - Thomas Yoder Neufeld (Waterloo) - Killing Enmity: The Enigma of Violence in the New Testament
  • 16 October - Dominika Kurek-Chomycz (Liverpool Hope) - Ancient Associations of Athletes and Performers, and Translocal Links in the Early Christian Movement
  • 23 October - Adela Yarbro Collins (Yale) - Paul’s Spiritual Body and Debates about Resurrection Manson Memorial Lecture
  • 24 October - Adela Yarbro Collins (Yale) - 10am - 12noon Open Seminar on the Manson Memorial Lecture and Other Topics
  • 6 November - Gerald Downing (Manchester) - Identifying God/Identifying Israel, in the Jewish Canon
  • 13 November - Alan Garrow (Sheffield) - Streeter’s ‘Other’ Synoptic Solution: The Matthew Conflator Hypothesis
  • 20 November - George Brooke (Manchester) - Zedekiah, Covenant and the Scrolls from Qumran
  • 27 November - Kimberley Slack (Manchester) - Interpreting the Exegesis on the Soul within a Fourth-Century Collection: The Ascent of the Soul and the Pachomians
  • 4 December - Sarah Whittle (Edinburgh) - Law and Love in Pauline Hermeneutics
  • 11 December - Campbell Price (Manchester Museum) - Art and Religion in Ancient Egypt (with walking visit to the Egyptology collection at the Museum)

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2013-14

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for staff and postgraduates 

Second semester 2013/14

  • 30 January - David Harvey -SA A7 Boasting in the Cross: Honour and Imitation in the Ethics of Galatians
  • 6 February - Melissa Markauskas - SA A201 Criminalising Heresy: Fourth-century Bishops and Roman Law
  • 13 February - Bernard Jackson - SA A201 Legal and Narrative Aspects of the Book of Ruth
  • 20 February - Ingunn Aadland (Oslo) - SA SG1 Salvation through Punishment? A re-reading of 4Q185
  • 27 February - Alex Samely - SA A7 The Analysis of Ancient Jewish Literature: A Database Approach
  • 6 March - Timothy Lim (Edinburgh) - SA A7 Scribal Features of the Rabbinic Concept of Canon
  • 12 March - Postgraduate Research Seminar - SA A18 Email for details
  • 13 March - Jack McKelvey - SA A7 Humanity's Destiny: Christ's and Ours (Hebrews 2)
  • 20 March - George van Kooten (Groningen/Cambridge) - SA A7 The Notion of 'being begotten/born from God' in John, the Corpus Hermeticum and Greek Mythology: Re-reading C.H. Dodd's 'The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel' (1953) sixty years on
  • 27 March - Philip Alexander - SA A7 Jewish Politics in Palestine from Judas the Maccabee to Judah the Prince, and the Problem of 'Continuing Exile'
  • 3 April - Todd Klutz - SA A7 Inside the Bridal Chamber: Metaphor and Syntax in the Gospel of Philip 65:1-26
  • 8 May - Hanne von Weissenberg (Helsinki) - SA A7 Is Scripture Sacred at Qumran?
  • 8 May (6pm) - Eveline van der Steen (Liverpool) - SA A7 Modelling Iron Age and Older Societies: Working with 19th Century Tribal Politics

First semester 2013/14

  • 26 September - George Brooke - EW A3.7 Covenant and Election in Pre-Sectarian Compositions from Qumran
  • 3 October - Gerald Downing - EW A2.7 Social Order and (Dis)Order among NT Authors
  • 10 October Sarah Whittle - Will G47 Purity in Paul
  • 17 October - Andrew Lincoln (Cheltenham) - EW A2.7 Manson Memorial Lecture
  • The 'Spiritual' Gospel: Revisiting the Gospel of John in the Light of the Study of Spirituality 
  • 18 October - Andrew Lincoln (Cheltenham) - 10am-12noon - Open Seminar as part of New Testament in the Roman Empire UP 3.211 (with Peter Oakes)
  • 24 October - Peter Oakes - EW A2.7 Salvation in Galatians
  • 28 - 31 October Gordon Wenham (Trinity, Bristol) - The 2013 Didsbury Lectures: Genesis 1-11 - At the Nazarene Theological College, Didsbury
  • 7 November - James Harding (Otago, Dunedin) - EW A2.7 Reading 1 Samuel 18:1–4 in the Hellenistic Period
  • 14 November Mary Mills (Liverpool Hope) - UP 4.026 Martial Guidance in Joshua 1-14
  • 21 November - Walter Houston - EW A3.7 (Subject to be announced) 
  • 28 November - John Healey - UP 6.207 (Subject to be announced)
  • 5 December - William Tooman (St Andrews) - EW A2.16 Rethinking Textual Authority in Jewish Antiquity: The Evolution and Redeployment of Laws Regarding Intermarriage in the Hebrew Bible
  • 12 December - Philip Davies (Sheffield) - EW A2.7 The Good Book: The Bible and Secular Society

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2012-13

Centre for Biblical Studies

The Ehrhardt Seminar for staff and postgraduates

Second semester

  • Jan 31 - Philip Alexander - William Whiston’s Place in the History of Biblical Scholarship
  • Feb 7 - Michael Tait - The Problem of Evil and Suffering in the New Testament
  • Feb 14 - Richard Britton - What is “One Body in Christ”? Working beyond Conventional Definitions of Metaphor in Romans 12:4–5.
  • Feb 21 - Jonathan Ben-Dov (University of Haifa) - A Hymn on the Creation of Language in the Hodayot / Jonathan Ben-Dov (University of Haifa) - (CBS/CJS/Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society Lecture) - Surprisingly Simple: Time Devices from Iron Age Judah
  • Feb 28 - Bernard Jackson - Why the Name New TESTAMENT?
  • Mar 7 - Katharina Keim - Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer and the Bible
  • Mar 14 - Derek Penslar (University of Oxford) - What is Israel Studies? Sherman Lectures Session
  • Mar 21 - Doctoral Short Paper Day with Durham and Sheffield - In Durham (with Todd Klutz and Peter Oakes)
  • Apr 18 - Mary Mills - Reading Ecclesiastes Intertextually
  • Apr 25 - Chris Foster - ‘Because of the Angels’: Revisiting Paul’s Temple Metaphor through the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice
  • May 2 - Dominika Kurek-Chomycz (Liverpool Hope) - Apostolic Suffering and First-Century Constructions of Masculinity
  • May 9 - Stephen Wright (Spurgeon’s College London) - The Place of the Parables in Construals of Jesus’ Historical Ministry
  • May 16 - Day trip to British Museum - Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum - With brief commentary by Peter Oakes, author of Reading Romans in Pompeii: Paul’s Letter at Ground Level (London: SPCK, 2009)

First semester

  • Sep 27 - George Brooke - The Place of Wisdom in the Formation of the Movement behind the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Oct 4 - Stephen McBay - Ephesians and Ritual
  • Oct 11 - David Firth (St John’s Nottingham) - The Spirit of God and the Renewal of Creation: An Old Testament Perspective
  • Oct 13 - Trip to Chester (3 Bridge Place/Chester Cathedral Library) - Philip Alexander - 2.30-4.00 "The Church’s Banquet": Celebrating the 1662 Book of Common Prayer
  • Oct 18 - George H. van Kooten (Groningen) - Manson Memorial Lecture - The 'Roman' Paul: Roman Law, Historiography and Politics in Paul’s Letter to the Romans
  • Oct 19 - George H. van Kooten (Groningen) - 10.00-12.00 Open Seminar on Paul 
  • Oct 25 - Sidnie White Crawford (Lincoln, Nebraska) - The Qumran Collection as a Scribal Archive - 6 pm - Sidnie White Crawford (Lincoln, Nebraska) - AIAS Qumran: Scrolls, Caves and Buildings
  • Nov 1 - Reading Week: No Meeting
  • Nov 8 - Roberta Mazza - Faces and Voices - (at 2.15 pm at John Rylands Library, Deansgate)
  • Nov 15 - Svetlana Khobnya - The Rich Root of the Olive Tree: Deciphering Paul’s Metaphor
  • Nov 22 - Some Recent Books Introduced - George Brooke (co-ed.), The Scrolls and Biblical Traditions:Proceedings of the Seventh Meeting of the IOQS in Helsinki (Leiden: Brill, 2012) - David Law, Historical-Critical Method: A Guide for the Perplexed (London: Continuum, 2012) - Jack McKelvey, Pioneer and Priest: Jesus Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews (Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2012)
  • Nov 29 - Gerald Downing - 'All things to all people': Dio of Prusa, Bythinia, and Paul of Tarsus, Cilicia—Part 2
  • Dec 6 - Michael Flowers - Title to be confirmed
  • Dec 13 - Bärry Hartog (Manchester & Leuven) - Commentary Texts from Qumran, Philo, and the Greek Papyri: Notes on Form and Content

The Ehrhardt Seminars 2011-12

  • 2 Feb: Chiasm in Philemon - Todd Klutz
  • 9 Feb: People of the book or people of the texts? Christian scriptures in magical contexts (2nd-6th centuries AD) - Roberta Mazza
  • 16 Feb: Omissions in the textual transmission of the Hebrew Bible - Juha Pakkala (Helsinki)
  • 16 Feb, 7pm: The Kinneret Regional Project: A review of the latest findings - Juha Pakkala (Helsinki) AIAS 
  • 18 Feb: Liverpool University Biblical Archaeology Day Conference
  • 23 Feb: ‘In God We Trust...’: the relationship between money and faith in John Chrysostom’s preaching on Romans - Jonathan Tallon
  • 1 Mar: Ancient World PG Conference Day 1: Deviance or difference: Ancient responses to diversity, c. 500 BCE-500 CE - 2-2.45pm: ‘Be quiet and make the tea’: Towards an understanding of the silencing of women in the Pauline Corpus. - Charlotte Naylor Davis (Heythrop College) - 2.45-3.30pm: Sex, status and social legislation - Jessica Dixon (Manchester)
  • 2 Mar: Ancient World PG Conference Day 2 
  • 8 Mar: Title to be confirmed - Jonathan Morgan
  • 15 Mar: Fruit imagery and eschatological tension in Romans - Richard Britton
  • 22 Mar: Recent trends in New Testament textual criticism - Keith Elliott (Leeds)
  • 19 Apr: Biblical language of urban apocalypse - Mary Mills
  • 23 Apr: PGR training day with universities of Durham and Sheffield (in Sheffield) - (Offers of short 15 minute papers to George Brooke)
  • 26 Apr: ‘Evangelism’ and Unified Aims in Nag Hammadi Codex II? Reconsidering the ‘Gnostic’ Superiority Complex - Kimberley Slack
  • 3 May: Using the Bible in low- and zero-literacy contexts: Homelessness and the contextual Bible study project - Susannah Cornwall
  • 10 May: ‘If the law could make Alive’: Justification as resurrection in Galatians - Andrew Boakye
  • 30 May: Joint seminar with Universities of Lausanne, Geneva and Sheffield (in Lausanne) 
  • 2 June: Priesthood in the Bible and its contexts

JRULM exhibitions

  • 16 Feb - 1 July: St Bartholomew’s Day: The Triumph of Bigotry and the Birth of Toleration
  • 19 July - 25 Nov: Faces and Voices: Identity, Culture and Artefacts from Roman to Contemporary Egypt

Chester Cathedral library exhibition

  • From 28 Jan: BCP 350: An Exhibition Celebrating the Book of Common Prayer

Scriptural Encounter

Scriptural Encounter is a textual study-discussion forum to achieve mutual understanding over potentially contentious texts on particular topics.

It is hosted by the Centre for Jewish Studies at The University of Manchester in partnership with members of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities of Greater Manchester.

Information on this year's series of events can be found on the Centre for Jewish Studies website.

Event highlights

32nd Annual Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World Symposium

Held at the University of Manchester on 29th May 2015, this event brought together leading scholars in the world of Sanskrit studies.

Self and the City: Political Theologies and Urban Identities

Bringing together theologians, social theorists and political activists, this two-day conference considers the relationship between cities and self-identity. Held 24-25th April 2015.

Religion and Doctor Who

A one day conference to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who, attracting scholars from the UK, US and Scandinavia. Held at John Rylands Library on 2nd November 2013.

Churches, Community and Society

A two day conference held on 25th-26th October 2013, discussing intersections of theology, ecclesiology, politics and community development. Speakers included Alison Milbank, Philip Lewis and William Whyte.

Intersex Theology and the Bible

Bringing together world-leading scholars across Theology, Ethics and Medicine to discuss the developing area of Intersex Theology. Held at the University of Manchester on 12th March 2013.

Religions and Theology Looking Outwards

King James Bible Day

Held at John Rylands Historic Reading Room on 12 May 2011. Speakers included Naomi Tadmor, Scott Mandelbrote and Philip Alexander.

EHS Postgraduate Colloquium

An opportunity for postgraduate students to present their work on different areas of Ecclesiastical history. Held on 4 February 2011.

Teaching and Commemorating the Holocaust

Held at the Imperial War Museum North on 25-26 October 2010.

Public Representation of a Religion called Hinduism

A series of international symposia funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The final session was held at the University of Bonn as part of the 21st European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, 26-29 July 2010.

Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World (STIMW)

The 2010 STIMW Symposium took place on Friday, 28 May 2010. 

Postgraduate Colloquium on the History of Christianity

The 2010 colloquium took place on Saturday, 13 March 2010. 

Traces, Memory and the Holocaust in W.G. Sebald's writing: an interdisciplinary seminar

Friday, 5 February 2010. 

The Samuel Ferguson Lecture 2009

Terry A. Veling (Australian Catholic University), 'The Beautitude of Mercy: Love Watches over Justice'

Friday, 16 October 2009, 5pm in the Flowers Lecture Theatre, Chancellor's Conference Centre, Mosely Road. Fallowfield. 

Faith, Secularism and Public Policy

A series of seminars funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. 

International Conference: Anti-Semitism and the Emergence of Sociological Theory

Sunday, 2 November - Tuesday, 4 November, 2008 held at the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, The University of Manchester

Hosted by the Centre for Jewish Studies. 

International Festival of Jewish Studies

20-25 July 2008

20th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies 2008

This major international conference was hosted by the School in July 2008. 

Religion and the Welfare State

Four Lectures during October and November 2007 under the auspices of the Centre for Jewish Studies, the Centre for Religion and Political Culture and the Manchester Reform Synagogue. 

Re-moralising Britain? An International Conference to mark the 10th Anniversary of Tony Blair's Premiership

Held 17-18 May 2007. 

Postgraduate Colloquium on the History of Christianity

On behalf of the Committee of the Ecclesiastical History Society (EHS), we invite research student members (or prospective members) of the EHS to the next Postgraduate Colloquium on the History of Christianity, to be held on Saturday 13 March 2010. This has traditionally been an informal opportunity for students to get to know one another and to learn about each other's work, and the papers are at least as interesting as those at the main conference. We look forward to seeing you in Manchester.

Traces, Memory and the Holocaust in W.G. Sebald's writing: an interdisciplinary seminar

  • Jean-Marc Dreyfus - Introduction
  • Carol Angier (Birkbeck College, London): 'And so they are ever returning to us, the dead': the presence of the dead in W. G. Sebald'
  • Jean-Marc Dreyfus (The University of Manchester): 'Kindertransport, camps and the Holocaust inAusterlitz'
  • Monica Pearl (The University of Manchester): 'Peripatetic paragraphs: walking (and walking) with W.G. Sebald'
  • Jeremy Gregory (University of Manchester): 'I couldn't imagine any world outside Wales': the place of Wales and Welsh Calvinist Methodism in Sebald's European story'
  • Till Geiger (The University of Manchester): 'Confronting The History of Natural Destruction after Auschwitz: Rethinking Sebald's Luftkrieg und Literatur'
  • John Sears (Manchester Metropolitan University): 'Utter Blackness: Figuring Sebald's Manchester'
  • Janet Wolff (The University of Manchester): 'Max Ferber and the persistence of pre-memory in Mancunian exile'

International Conference: Anti-Semitism and the Emergence of Sociological Theory

Sunday 2 November - Monday, 3 November 2008, The University of Manchester

Hosted by the Centre for Jewish Studies, In cooperation with the British Sociological Association Theory Study Group and the Leo Baeck Institute, London

Modern anti-Semitism and modern sociological theory not only emerged in the same period: as much as both discourses might have been antagonistic, they also overlapped and complemented each other. This international conference will explore and test the hypothesis that the emergence of sociology and that of anti-Semitism are related while at the same time competing, or even antagonistic phenomena. This hypothesis is based on two observations: first, the discipline of sociology is understood to have emerged as a liberal response to the crisis phenomena of modern society, aiming at its consolidation and, to varying degrees, its defence; second, modern anti-Semitism is likewise understood to be a travesty of a social theory responding to the same type of society, offering in its phantasmagorias of the Jew and Jewification an explanation of its deficiencies and crises while also (more often than not) being antagonistic to the social-democratic labour movement. Contributors will explore:

  • What sociologists (or those who helped constitute the discipline) had to say on anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question;
  • How antisemites made use of sociological categories; and
  • What antisemites on the one hand, sociologists on the other (and those who were both), had to say about subjects that were concerns of either group, including money, usury, modernity, work and labour, individualism, community, society, social reform, socialism, state and culture, religion, the spirit of capitalism, capitalist development.

Whether and to what extent the need to respond to, but also the inevitability of reflecting some of the concerns of contemporary antisemites, have had an impact on the shape of classical sociology has until now never been researched systematically. This international conference is expected to deepen significantly the debate on antisemitisms relation to, and stakes in modern social thought.

The conference will also widen the perspective on the topic beyond France and Germany, which serve almost universally as the starting points of discussions of both anti-Semitism and the emergence of sociology. Speakers from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Finland and Argentina will relate critical and cutting edge explorations of the established French-German canon of sociological founding fathers to the specific and differing developments in Argentina, Italy, Hungary, Poland and the USA. The conference will challenge the ways the history and nature of sociology, and more generally modern thinking about state, individual and society are discussed, taking what conventionally may be considered to be a partial aspect or area of study within this field (anti-Semitism; the Jewish question) as the central perspective from where to illuminate its general emergence and development.

Sunday 2 November and Monday, 3 November 2008, The Martin Harris Centre for Dance and Drama, Oxford Road

Public lecture: Prof. Moishe Postone, Chicago University, 'History, the Holocaust, and the Left'

Sunday, November 2, 5pm,


  • Prof. Robert Fine, Warwick, 'Marx and the critique of anti-Semitism'
  • Prof. Richard H. King, Nottingham, 'Again American Exceptionalism? Sociology and anti-Semitism in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century America'
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