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Classics and Ancient History

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Our research influences and engages with the wider community, in Manchester and beyond, in many ways.


Our work with schools and national educational bodies informs and influences the content and design of education at secondary level, particularly through our work with the Joint Association of Classical Teachers (now part of the Classical Association) We have hosted INSET days aimed at introducing school teachers to recent research developments in the discipline (most recently, on Augustus and his Bimillenium), and also have a vibrant programme of events and lectures for schools.

Museums and Libraries

We are fortunate to have very close links with world-class museums and collections in Manchester: the Manchester Museum, where we have been closely involved with the recent redesign of their 'Ancient Worlds' galleries, and the John Rylands University Library, home to a major collection of Greek and Roman papyri.

The Faces and Voices Exhibition (John Rylands Library, 2012), organised by Roberta Mazza and Kate Cooper, recontextualised early Christianity by exploring identity claims in Roman Egypt. The exhibition attracted up to 53,000 visitors (plus 7,900 visitors to the associated blog), and received official citation as a factor in the John Rylands Library winning 'Large Visitor Attraction of the Year' at Manchester's annual tourism awards, 2012.

In London, Peter Pormann's Mirror of Health exhibition (Royal College of Physicians, 2013) challenges traditional narratives of medical history which omit or downplay important Muslim contributions, and is of interest not just to Classicists or Ancient Historians, but also to educators, health professionals and those interested in Muslim heritage.

In Liverpool, Peter Liddel and Polly Low are working with the World Museum in studying, publishing and encouraging wider knowledge (and understanding) of their long-neglected collection of Greek inscriptions.

Public Services and Public Discourse

Tim Parkin's work with the Manchester Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Research on Ageing (MICRA) is an ongoing project. Most recently, he contributed to a public seminar on loneliness in old age, which involved 130 participants from Manchester City Council (MCC), Age UK, the UK Centre for Social Gerontology, and the wider community.