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Classics and Ancient History

Painted wall in Pompeii city

About Classics and Ancient History at Manchester

The study of the civilisations of ancient Greece and Rome has a long and distinguished history at The University of Manchester, with an excellent record in both teaching and research.

Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester is one of the largest and liveliest centres for the study of the classical world in Europe, numbering seventeen members of permanent academic staff further supported by a strong group of temporary and part-time staff, a vibrant community of some thirty-five postgraduate students, and about 300 of our own undergraduates.

The Classics & Ancient History department has come together with the Archaeology department to form the new Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology as of September 2018.

The Department comprises 20 academic staff, a dedicated technician, library, common room, and labs.

While preserving what is importantly distinctive in each subject area, the new Department opens up exciting new collaborative possibilities in all activities, from outreach to employability.

We pride ourselves especially on the excellent classical collections of the University Library, together with the Special Collections of the John Rylands Library, a scholar’s treasure trove with considerable unexploited potential.