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Archaeology students on field trip

Careers and employability

We know what employers want to see, and we give you all the tools and knowledge you need to start your career in archaeology after completing your Archaeology degree at Manchester.

What you'll take away from Manchester

Through your course, you will learn rigorous intellectual skills of interpretation and also learn to work as part of a team in demanding conditions – managing time, resources and people in the field.

As well as completing essays and exams, you will:

  • produce portfolios;
  • manipulate complex data;
  • devise marketing materials;
  • create broadcast content;
  • develop wiki entries.

Once you graduate, you'll find yourself uniquely placed to offer employers a rich portfolio of practical and intellectual abilities which will make you stand out from other arts or social science students.

What you could do after graduation

The University of Manchester is the most targeted university in the UK for top graduate employers, according to High Fliers Research.

Our graduates have taken up roles as:

  • commercial archaeologists
  • heritage and environment officers
  • teachers
  • solicitors and barristers
  • business specialists
  • editors
  • broadcasters
  • journalists
  • accountants
  • writers
  • researchers
  • scientists.

Former students have also pursued successful careers in consultancy in fields relating to archaeology, such as construction or local government planning.

How we can help you into your perfect career

You will have various opportunities to gain professional and practical experience as part of your course.

Work placements

You can apply to spend a year gaining valuable workplace experience on a work placement as part of most undergraduate courses at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

Archaeology Skills Passport

We monitor your acquisition of fieldwork skills on the course through our Archaeology Skills Passport. You can also use it yourself to record specific and transferable skills for future use in job applications. 

Archaeological Society

The student-run Archaeological Society offers the opportunity to attend research seminars, artefact handling sessions and a variety of social events. The society also runs trips to museums and monuments around the country and helps advertise volunteering opportunities.

Go beyond your subject

Many employers seek graduates who have skills in multiple fields of expertise to demonstrate their adaptability and resourcefulness.

Our Flexible Honours option may allow you to study another subject within arts, languages and cultures as a minor in addition to your major within Archaeology.

Alternatively, you could study selected course units from other courses around the University through the University College for Interdisciplinary Learning.

University-wide careers and employability initiatives

You will be able to access a rich variety of volunteering opportunities that help students build transferable skills and form part of the University's Stellify initiative.

In addition, Manchester's Careers Service is a great starting point for discovering the wide range of opportunities and activities available across the University and beyond to help you develop your employability and transferable skills alongside your studies, including:

  • internships and other forms of work experience;
  • work experience bursaries;
  • part-time, casual and holiday work;
  • overseas opportunities, for example, our Global Graduates scheme;
  • networking events, talks and workshops;
  • mentoring.

Students and new graduates have access to a full range of in-person and online help, including careers guidance and CV and applications support.