Careers and employability

Your Film Studies course will help you to build a portfolio of flexible, transferable skills crucial to a host of careers.

What you'll take away from Manchester

You'll gain expertise in:

  • critical analysis and interpretation;
  • leadership and group work;
  • presentation and research.

Your Joint Honours study will underline your adaptability and aptitude for collaborative work, effective communication and creative problem-solving.

What you could do after graduation

Areas of employment for students who have studied film include:

  • film production, distribution and heritage;
  • television and radio;
  • journalism;
  • teaching;
  • community arts and arts administration;
  • law and business management.

How we can help you into your perfect career

You will have various opportunities to gain professional and practical experience as part of your course.

Work placements

You can apply to spend a year gaining valuable workplace experience on a work placement as part of most undergraduate courses at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

Learn from alumni

We organise events throughout the year where our alumni come in to talk to current students about their work and getting started in the industry. 

Speakers in recent years have included the director Vicky Featherstone, actor Toby Jones and director Euros Lyn.


Join the University's Filmmaking Society to meet other aspiring filmmakers and exchange ideas and create your own cinematic productions.

The Drama Society also brings together students with an interest in acting, directing, writing, filmmaking, costume, set building and stage management.

University-wide careers and employability initiatives

You will be able to access a rich variety of volunteering opportunities that help students build transferable skills and form part of the University's Stellify initiative.

In addition, Manchester's Careers Service is a great starting point for discovering the wide range of opportunities and activities available across the University and beyond to help you develop your employability and transferable skills alongside your studies. In particular, it runs the Media Club, which sees leading industry practitioners visit the University to speak to students about getting into the media industry, including the screen sector.

Other opportunities accessible via the Careers Service include:

  • internships and other forms of work experience;
  • work experience bursaries;
  • part-time, casual and holiday work;
  • overseas opportunities, for example, our Global Graduates scheme;
  • networking events, talks and workshops;
  • mentoring.

Students and new graduates have access to a full range of in-person and online help, including careers guidance and CV and applications support.