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Linguistics and English Language

Current PhD students

Read about the theses and research interests of some of our current PhD students' in Linguistics and English Language.

  • Fernanda Barrientos Contreras - 'Probabilistic modeling of L2 speech perception' (supervised by Yuni Kim and Wendell Kimper).
  • Mary Begley - 'Ne eom ic wod: A diachronic analysis of the semantic field of madness in English' (supervised by David Denison and David Matthews).
  • Simone De Cia - 'At the Edge of Ladin, Venetan, and Friulian: A Morpho-Syntactic Study of Two Dialect Areas in the South-Eastern Part of the Province of Belluno (Sovramontino and Lamonat) and in North-Western Part of the Province of Udine (Fornese di Sopra)'.
  • Kathleen Easlick - 'Language Policies in a Changing Europe: Regional and immigrant languages in multi-sited comparisons' (supervised by Yaron Matras and Yuni Kim).
  • Heidi Reid - 'The TMA system of Bastimentos Creole English' (supervised by Eva Schultze-Berndt and Delia Bentley).

Further themes explored

  • Mohammed Jasim - 'Refusals of Requests by Iraqi EFL Learners' (supervised by Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen and Yaron Matras).
  • Safiah Madkhali - 'A linguistic study of Cognate Object Constructions in Arabic' (supervised by Kersti Börjars and John Payne).
  • Victoria Stampone - 'The micro-variation exhibited by passives and impersonal constructions in the dialects of Italy' (supervised by Delia Bentley and John Payne).
  • Victoria Thomas - 'Auxiliary ellipsis in Early Modern German: synchrony and diachrony' (supervised by Kersti Börjars and George Walkden).