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Centre for New Writing

Current PhD students

PhD students in English Literature and Creative Writing pursue a wide range of different topics, from Anglo-Saxon poetry to the contemporary novel. Here's what some of our current students are researching:

  • Natalie Armitage - ‘The Voodoo Doll as Historical and Cultural Artefact’
  • Daisy Black - 'Comic appearances of women as agents of spiritual instruction in late Medieval and Early Modern drama and art'
  • Katharina Boeckenhoff - 'Border Crossings and Constructions of Sexuality in Modernist Fiction'
  • Clara Bradbury-Rance - 'The Queer Lesbian Spaces of Contemporary Cinema'
  • Edmund Chapman - ‘Afterlives: Benjamin, Derrida and literature in translation’
  • Yulin Chen - 'The Invention of History: The Engagement and Construction of the Past by Lesbian Writers of the Late 20th Century'
  • Thomas Froh - 'The decline of libertinism in the late eighteenth century: Analysing English and French libertine novels'
  • Stephen Gordon - 'The Theatre of Death: Ghosts, Perception and the Funerary Performance'
  • Rena Jackson - 'Class and Empire in the Prose Works of Thomas Hardy'
  • Alexandra Lester-Makin - 'Embroidery and its context in the British Isles during the early medieval period (AD 450-1100)'
  • Ben Moore - 'Invisible Architecture: Ideologies of Space in the Nineteenth-Century City'
  • Valerie O'Riordan - 'Short Story Cycles in the Twenty-First Century: Time and Memory in the Work of Jennifer Egan, Davd Vann and Keith Ridgway'
  • Tasneem Perry - 'Contemporary Resident Sri Lankan Writing: Inherent Hybridity, Enforced Essentialism'