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Conference: Musical and Other Cultural Responses to Political Violence in Latin America

One-day Conference at the University of Manchester, UK

6 December 2013

Location: University Place Building, Room 1.218

Time: 9.30am - 6.30pm

Supported by the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Languages (CIDRAL).

Keynote speaker

Professor Michael Lazzara (University of California, Davis), author of Chile in Transition: The Poetics and Politics of Memory (2006).

Important information

Conference programme

9.30-10am – Registration

10-10.10am – Welcome – Caroline Bithell

10.10-11.40am – Testimony and myth in armed conflict

Chair: Hettie Malcomson

‘New Song, New Time: Peruvian Marxisms and Music in a Revolutionary Era’ – Jonathan Ritter (University of California, Riverside)  

‘The Violent Andes: Crisis and Cultural Difference in Narratives of Peru’s Internal Armed Conflict’ – Daniel Willis (University of Manchester)

‘Singing a Change: Rephrasing White Upper Class Identity through Fusion Music in Post-war Lima’ – Fiorella Montero (Royal Holloway)

11.40am-12.00noon – Coffee break

12.00-13.00pm – Experimental aesthetics of violence

Chair: Jordana Blejmar

‘Enrique Lihn’s El Paseo Ahumada (1983) and the Mapping of Violence’ – Constanza Ceresa (University College London)

‘Is There a Politics in the Sounds of Raul Ruiz? The Case of La Maleta (1963)’ – Laura Jordán (Université Laval) and Nicolás Lema (Australian National University)

1-2pm – Lunch

2-3.45pm – Clandestine movements and detention under dictatorship

Chair: Toby Heys

‘Quem cala morre contigo [He who stays silent dies with you]: Clandestine Movements, Musical Activism, and the Lyricists of the Clube da Esquina in Dictatorial Brazil’ – Holly Holmes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

‘The Power of the Song: Forbidden Singing in an Argentine Prison’ (film excerpt by Michael Chanan, University of Roehampton) plus ‘Cinema Sundays in a Maximum Security Prison in Córdoba, Argentina’ – Ana Mohaded (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)

‘Musical Commemorations of the Fortieth Anniversary of Pinochet’s Coup’ – Katia Chornik (University of Manchester)

3.45-4pm – Coffee Break

4-5pm – Contemporary communities’ responses to police brutality and other State wrongs

Chair: Cara Levey

‘Culture and Freedom? Creative Responses to Political Violence in Medellin, Colombia’ – Theresa Bean (University of Leeds), Jez Collins (Birmingham City University) and Ruth Daniel (University of Manchester)

‘Vinegar: A Brazilian Anthology of Poetry against Oppression’ – Rosane Carneiro Ramos (King’s College London)

5.15-6.30pm – Keynote lecture - Michael Lazzara (University of California, Davis)

Chair: Par Kumaraswami

‘Complicity and Responsibility in the Aftermath of the Pinochet Regime: The Case of “El Mocito”’ – Michael Lazzara (University of California, Davis)

Watercolour painted in Chacabuco concentration camp (Chile) by Francisco Aedo, detained-disappeared by the Pinochet regime

Watercolour painted in Chacabuco concentration camp (Chile) by Francisco Aedo, detained-disappeared by the Pinochet regime