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Translation and Intercultural Studies

Sam Dyson

Sam graduated from the MA Conference Interpreting course in 2018.

Sam Dyson

"I am very glad that I decided to do this MA. The facilities are truly excellent and living in Manchester is always exciting. Nonetheless, the trainers really make the course.

"They are all highly qualified interpreters (with EU/ UN accreditation). Perhaps more importantly, they are fantastic teachers who clearly delight in handing down their skills and knowledge to the next generation of interpreters.

"In my experience, the trainers were always very generous with their time, going that extra mile to make sure that we were prepared for our exams as well as for working life.

"The course is challenging, but we were supported throughout, and, ultimately, what once seemed impossible (simultaneous interpreting) turned out to be quite doable and even enjoyable!

"A variety of sessions were arranged for us to enhance our interpreting skills; a highlight was a very fruitful session we had with a professional interpreter-voice coach. 

"Furthermore, I really benefited from the contacts our trainers have fostered over the years. Interpreters from the EU, UN and the private market visited us in Manchester on a regular basis to participate in our lessons and mock conferences and provide us with valuable feedback.  

"Going to the EU and the UN to practice interpreting (with the mic off!) were amazing experiences which have made me aware of what I need to do in preparation for the institutional exams (I am hoping to sit the UN freelance exam in the near future).  

"Overall, my lasting impression is that the MA trainers truly care about their students' progress during and beyond the course, which is very reassuring."