Ariadna Molinari-Tato

Thesis: Translators in Drag: A Queer and Decolonial Approach to the "Transformance" of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation into Mexican Spanish

This project is based on the case study of the Mexican translation into Spanish of the queer anthology Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, edited by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman (eds). Through the use of Critical Discourse Analysis and semi-structured interviews with the translators that participated in the project, I expect to elucidate how learning about translators’ experiences with the ST can contribute to exploring the discursive shifts that occur during the translation process in the context of unequal power relations between the USA and Mexico. Framed within Judith Butler’s notion of the performativity of gender and Sara Ahmed’s notion of the inter-embodiment of the encounter with the Other, this research project intends to contribute to queer translation studies by testing a methodology that seeks to understand the translatorial shifts in both hegemonic and progressive discourses about gender, while highlighting the visibility of activist translations and the subjectivity of their phenomenological experiences.