Exploiting technology

This section is concerned with issues related to using effective search skills when using the Internet. You can also learn how to use Endnote, a bibliographic database manager for recording information about your reading and creating bibliographic reference lists for your written work.

Searching the Internet

Introduction to research issues connected with the use of online search engines

You will be introduced to some of the issues associated with searching for and selecting appropriate online reference materials as primary sources. You will skim and scan a text to find answers to questions related to these issues.

Constructing effective search strings in different search engines

You will assess examples of search strings for use in online search engines and learn how to use them effectively for academic research purposes.

Assessing materials returned by online searches

You will examine examples of results returned by online searches, with a view to assessing their usefulness as primary sources for your assignment.

Searching the web for vocabulary

You will practise finding examples of how words are used in authentic texts with a specialist search engine.


Using bibliographic database managers

You will learn how to use Endnote to keep a record of your reading, create a database library, practise using the library to enter citation references into a text, and generate a bibliography automatically for your references at the end of the text.