Paragraph structure

In this section, you'll develop an understanding of paragraph structure in four categories.

Topic sentences

Paragraphs and topic sentences

You'll be introduced to the concept of topic sentences and consider what you already know about them.

Identifying topic sentences

Practise identifying topic sentences embedded in paragraphs and consider the positions they can occur in.

What makes a good topic sentence

Identify the main characteristics of a topic sentence and the elements a topic sentence should contain.

Choosing the best topic sentence

Identify a suitable topic sentence for a paragraph and practise writing a topic sentence.

Improving an essay with paragraphs and topic sentences

Consider the usefulness of paragraphs and topic sentences, and practise adding them to a longer piece of writing.

Main points

Problems finding the main points in a text

Examine four short texts and think about why it can sometimes be hard to locate the main point.

Selecting the main point from notes

This short practice exercise shows you student notes produced from a paragraph and learn how to distinguish the main points from the supporting points.

Using the clues to main points

Two short practice exercises on recognising clues and using them to find main points.

Taking notes on main points

A vocabulary exercise to prepare note taking on a short paragraph.


Brainstorming and planning a paragraph

Practise planning, organising and writing a paragraph and giving it an appropriate topic sentence.

Identifying paragraph structure

You will practise deconstructing a paragraph to see how it is organised.

Ordering points in a paragraph

Consider the importance of ordering points in a clear and logical way, and practise ordering sets of points to form three paragraphs and identifying the topic sentence of each.

Writing introductions

Features of introductions in student essays

This activity considers the information that should be included in the introduction of a student essay.

Identifying features of an essay introduction

Practise identifying the types of information provided in an example of a student essay.