Critical Analysis

The focus of this section is to develop your ability to critically evaluate academic texts. You will practise analysing language from this perspective as a way of developing this skill.

Principles of critical thinking

You will learn about different ways of thinking and the principles that need to be applied in critical thinking.

Adopting principles of critical thinking and critical reading

This activity requires you to consider the meaning of statements from critical reading and thinking perspectives.

The distinction between fact and opinion

You will consider the distinction between fact and opinion. You will also consider different kinds of support for information and when this support should be provided.

Review of critical reading and thinking

The four activities in this learning object review the skills needed for critical reading and thinking.

Critical reading questions

In this activity you will be introduced to a series of questions that can be applied when you want to critically analyse a text.

Applying critical reading questions to a text

This learning object provides you with an opportunity to apply critical reading questions to the process of text analysis.