Specialist courses for Medical students

The European Option of the MBChB is a unique programme offering students the opportunity to study a European language alongside Medicine.

These classes focus on the development of the general language skills required to communicate and they provide an essential introduction to French, German and Spanish medical terminology.

All internal MBChB European Studies exams for 2023-2024 will take place during lesson time.
Semester 1: Week 12
Semester 2 : Weeks 11 & 12
External C1 exams date/time & venue TBC

Please note that these specialist Medical LEAP course units are not open to new students joining the MBChB programme.

Course: Medical French 3

Course code: MLFR51030

Tutor: TBC

  • Monday 6pm - 8pm Samuel Alexander SA214

Course: Medical French 4

Course code: MLFR51040

Tutor: TBC

  • Wednesday 6pm - 8pm University Place 4.214

Course: Medical German 3

Course code: MLGE51030

Tutor: John Ranson

  • Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.30pm Samuel Alexander A213

Course: Medical German 4

Course code: MLGE51040


  • Module not running in 2022/23

Course: Medical Spanish 3

Course code: MLSP51030

Tutor: Sandra Torres

  • Tuesday 6pm - 8pm Samuel Alexander A104

Course: Medical Spanish 4

Course code: MLSP51040

Tutor: Ana Niño

  • Tuesday 6pm - 8pm Samuel Alexander A215