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Creative Manchester Summer Schools

July 2020

Enjoy a unique and cultural experience on one of our Creative Manchester Summer Schools.

Immerse yourself in British culture and discover Manchester and its region while enriching your knowledge and developing your skills at one of the highest-ranked universities in the UK.

Manchester “The Original Modern City”

Manchester was the world’s first modern industrial city and has helped shape the modern world. The history of The University of Manchester is entwined with the history of our city.

The city is a cultural capital of the North West, with access to a wide variety of art galleries, museums, world-famous orchestras and a selection of theatres. Manchester is a cosmopolitan city with a large student population, and its excellent transport links make it easily accessible from all over the world.  

Our Summer Schools embody the culture and creative spirit of Manchester, using the unique resources of both The University and the city itself.

Download the Creative Manchester summer school flyer for more information about this year's programme


Creative Writing Summer School

July 2020 – Dates to be confirmed

Develop your writing skills in Manchester, a city with a rich literary heritage, which was recognised by UNESCO as a City of Literature in 2017. Explore a selection of contemporary British and Irish short stories and poems to inspire in-class writing assignments. Critique and improve your own fiction and poetry, become familiarised with the creative writing workshop and develop a useful critical language to support you to engage effectively with your own work and the work of others. 


World Cinema Summer School

July 2020 – Dates to be confirmed

Gain an introduction to the key films and theories of contemporary World Cinema, as well as an insight into the key elements of practical filmmaking. Focusing on Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, you will explore the key thematic and technical elements of World Cinema.

Learn practical elements of filmmaking, including screenwriting, directing, cinematography and post-production.


Origins of Creativity

July 2020 – Dates to be confirmed

Creativity – crafting things, forecasting the future and managing change – has been a key condition of the modern world. It made modern capitalism possible and lead humanity to previously unseen levels of prosperity, making parts of the world rich, whilst keeping others poor.

This summer school will trace the complex origins of creativity, you will explore how they intertwine with the history of capitalism and economics and build your knowledge of the critical language relating to these subjects. 


Creative Producing

July 2020 – Dates to be confirmed

Creative producing is the art of making art happen. 

Creative producers provide pivotal functions in artistic liaison, participant recruitment, project development, event management and audience experience. Working with Creative Manchester cultural partners, such as HOME, Manchester Camerata and the Manchester International Festival, this short course provides new and emerging arts managers with a unique opportunity to learn how to produce incredible arts and cultural events, through the eyes of expert practitioners and critical reflection on the first-hand experience. The course will culminate in a live project, a chance to produce and evaluate your own event in a Manchester venue, working with world-class artists and creative partners.

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