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Religions and Theology

Student quotes

We caught up with some of our students about their experiences of studying Religions and Theology at The University of Manchester.

The huge variety of courses offered is amazing – the fact that I can study Indian storytelling whilst someone else is learning about the Dead Sea Scrolls, all within the same degree, that’s why the programme is so good. It challenges how we understand religion in all cultures and societies. It’s the lecturers and their accessibility that make studying religions and theology so interesting as well. Having staff who are genuinely interested in your work has been the greatest thing.

Alexander Webb / Third year student

The breadth and depth of courses I studied here as an undergraduate, and the opportunity to interact with experts in the field, undoubtedly fuelled my desire to undertake doctoral studies in Jewish-Christian relations alongside working for an international interfaith organisation.

Francesca Frazer / Religions and Theology alumna, PhD student

I studied religions and theology at The University of Manchester from 2004-2007; and although I didn’t know it at the time, it was one of the wisest decisions I have made! The teaching I received at the University was challenging, thought provoking, forward thinking, and intellectually stimulating; it unlocked my desire for learning and made me passionate about wanting others to love learning about religion too.

Katie Martin / Religions and Theology alumna, Head of Religious Studies, Blue Coat School, Oldham

The best thing about the religions and theology department at Manchester is the freedom to choose whichever modules interest me. I really enjoy the wide range of course units available. There is lots of applied theology with a real relevance to contemporary life. I would definitely recommend it.

Samantha Hallett / Second year student

I have loved studying religions and theology. The number of courses available means you can really tailor your studies to your interests, whether that's Christianity, South Asian religion, Judaism or something else. The department is tightly-knit, class sizes aren't too big and you can get to know your lecturers and course mates quite easily. Staff are really keen to see you do well and make themselves available to talk about any problems you might have. Some of the lecturers here are world leaders in their field, and it's an amazing opportunity to have such fantastic input into your learning.

Samuel Cresswell / BA (Hons) Religions and Theology

Comparative religion and social anthropology is a degree that can challenge the very things in our lives we take for granted and provides a fresh insight into the study of religion.  Anthropology itself helps us critically analyse any aspect of our culture and when its theories are applied to organised religions we come to see them in a totally different light.

Stephen Skeates / Third year student