Joint course with Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)

The GRNCM/MusB, informally known as the 'Joint course', offers a unique opportunity for students with outstanding practical and academic ability to gain the advantage of simultaneous study at both a world-class conservatoire and a world-class university.

Royal Northern College of Music exterior showing the RNCM logo
The RNCM is situated on Oxford Road, very close to the University of Manchester campus and the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama.

On successful completion of the course, students receive a diploma (Graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, GRNCM) from the RNCM, and a degree from the University of Manchester (MusB).

The first three years follow the undergraduate programmes at both The University of Manchester and the RNCM, which are located just 300 yards from one another.

Two programmes

Your study will comprise the entire MusB programme at the University and two strands of the BMus at the RNCM.

The fourth year

Your fourth year is spent solely at the Royal Northern College of Music. Performance tuition, coaching, chamber ensembles and most orchestral playing are provided by the RNCM throughout the four years.

Get organised - early deadline

Entrance to the Joint Course is highly competitive, requiring applications with a deadline of 1 October each year, for entrance the following academic year. Applications are made via UCAS Conservatoires (formerly CUKAS) to the RNCM, using the course code 399F. For further details of how to apply please see the RNCM website. Please note carefully the application requirements and allow time for your materials and references to arrive at the RNCM by the 1 October deadline.

For further information about the Joint Course, please contact the music admissions team

Open Days

The University of Manchester and the RNCM operate independent open days. The RNCM days take place in April and September and the University of Manchester open days take place in June and October. Given the 1 October deadline, we urge interested applicants to attend one of the available open days prior to the summer vacation.