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Sonic Cultures Research Group

Fostering collaboration and communication between researchers with an interest in music and sound since 2002.

Founded in 2002, Sonic Cultures Research Group (formerly Manchester Centre for Music in Culture, MC2) is intended to foster collaboration and communication between Manchester-based researchers with an interest in music and sound, from any discipline.

The group is hosted jointly by the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University and meets once per month. The sessions are intended as a space where research-in-progress can be presented and problems shared. Each month, one member of the group gives a short presentation, followed by discussion and networking. 


8 November: Pete Dale (Music) – Man Met/Geoffrey Manton Building/334
13 December: Hannah Allen (Art) – UoM/Martin Harris Centre/SU15
10 January: Martin Blain (Music) – Man Met/Geoffrey Manton Building/334
14 February: Roddy Hawkins (Music) – UoM/Martin Harris Centre/SU15
14 March: Susan O’Shea (Sociology) – Man Met/Geoffrey Manton Building/334
9 May: David Butler (Screen Studies) – UoM/Martin Harris Centre/SU15
13 June: Katie Milestone (Sociology) – Man Met/Geoffrey Manton Building/332

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For more information, please contact Roddy Hawkins.


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