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Modern Languages and Cultures

Oscar Seip

The Institute with its expertise, great library and rich collections is of particular relevance to my research.  They hold several works of the famous Renaissance scholar Giulio Camillo and this has been the centre of my scholarly endeavours for the last few years and is the focal point of my current PhD project.

Research topic

I am currently working with Professor Stephen Milner on a doctorate in Italian Studies with the support of The John Rylands Research Institute.

Project overview

In the past I have worked on cultural cognition and the theatricality of holy spaces. At the Warburg I studied theatre and memory in the wider perspective of intellectual and cultural traditions.

My project aims to use the Theatro della sapientia as a point of departure and reference in exploring the role played by Camillo's memory and knowledge theatre in the development of collecting and knowledge transfer in early modern Europe. I will investigate its reception and dissemination across multiple disciplines and through a network of institutions including academies, universities and learned circles. It would appear that Camillo's theatre was not just a rhetorical tool intended to educate and delight, but also an exemplary for a different form and attitude towards knowledge that would play an important role in the development of intellectual traditions in early modern Europe.

Previous education

  • MA  Art History, University of Amsterdam, 2011
  • Cultural and Intellectual History 1300 – 1650, Warburg Institute, London 2013


Received two scholarships from the Royal Netherlandish Institute in Rome, one from the Prince Bernhard Foundation and was awarded a short-term Fellowship at the Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence. I am also part of Transversal Theatre Company, which participated in a Grundtvig lifelong learning programme to explore different historical forms of theatre. 

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