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Project and team

Mary Hamilton Papers (cursive handwriting on aged paper)
Mary Hamilton Papers, HAM/1/1/2/2, © The University of Manchester.

This collaborative project presents edited, annotated letters and other material from the Mary Hamilton Papers online and as a downloadable corpus. 

Principal investigators: Professor David Denison and Dr Nuria Yáñez-Bouza

Research assistants: Carla Seabra-Dacosta, Isabella Formisano (2017), Isabella Formisano (2016), Donald Morrison (2015), George Bailey (2014)

The John Rylands Library

The University of Manchester Library's Special Collections, mostly housed at The John Rylands Library on Deansgate, include remarkable archives and manuscript collections. Many have been photographed (digitised) and made available on the internet.

History of the English Language at Manchester

Since 2010, a number of final-year dissertation students in Linguistics and English Language have edited folios of Middle English manuscripts held at the Rylands, while from 2013, others have transliterated letters from the Mary Hamilton Papers as part of a coursework requirement. Students work mainly with digitised images (though many go to see the original documents too). Much of the material has never previously been edited or published, so students have the opportunity to make an original research contribution. Ideally, studying the history of English and working on 'their' text will be a productive, two-way interaction.