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Linguistics and English Language

Heidi Reid

PhD title

Tense, Aspect, & Modality in Bastimentos Creole English (BCE)


Prof Eva Schultze-Berndt and Prof Delia Bentley (Advisor: Prof Yaron Matras)

Main discipline areas

Tense, Aspect, & Modality; Western Caribbean English Creoles; Syntax; Semantics; Language description; Language documentation; Language contact; Language change; Ethnography

Research interests

World Englishes; Language planning & policy; Language education; Education policy; Ethnography

Teaching areas

  • Feb 2012-June 2017 GTA for School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures:
    Investigating Grammar; Introduction to Morphology; Introduction to Typology; Languages of the World; Principles of Linguistics; Introduction to the History of English; World Englishes; English Grammar & Morphology; History & varieties of English
  • 2Sept 015-June 2016 Lecturer for School of Environment, Education and Development:
    Exploring Language: Introduction to Grammar; Supervisor for five 3rd year dissertations; Supervisor for five 2nd year research projects

Professional biography

  • MA Linguistics, The University of Manchester
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) (Secondary/German)
  • BA German & History, Lancaster University


Reid, Heidi. In print. Panama: A sociolinguistic profile. In Joseph T. Farquharson & Jo-Anne S. Ferreira (eds.). Handbook of Caribbean Languages and Linguistics 1: Sociolinguistic Overview of Caribbean Territories.

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