Partnership Development in Kosovo: “Empowering victims of war through art and culture: developing a museum of war, peace and memory in Kosovo”, 2019-20.

PI: Dr Jenna C. Ashton 

Funding Body: Global Challenges Research Fund - HEFCE Partnership Development Pump Priming, UoM.

Amount: £25,990.

Collaborating Institutions: Bogujevci Family Foundation, National Gallery, National Museum, National Library (Kosovo), University of Pristina, the British Council, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, UNDP, British Embassy, War Childhood Museum - Sarajevo, Manchester Aid to Kosovo, Cultural Heritage without Borders, Ministry of Culture - Kosovo, Prishtina Municipality - Kosovo, Kosovo-based artists and activists.

Research Associates/Assistants:Independent Curator and Project Manager, James Walmsley


A panel of five people sat with microphones and one lady stood up speaking

On the invitation of the Bogujevci Family Foundation, Dr Jenna C. Ashton explored potential partnership development for research and teaching, and advising on the development of a new museum around memory, peace and human rights in Kosovo.

The resulting consultation report focuses on:

        a)  Consultation meetings with professionals in Prishtina (Kosova) and Sarajevo (Bosnia), to identify and establish need, links and partnerships; 

        b)  Outlining suggested underpinning research and pedagogy for a new museum’s practice and programming. Including recommendations for next steps;

        c)  Identifying future research and pedagogy opportunities in Kosovo around arts, culture, and heritage via the Bogujevci Family Foundation.

Publications and other outputs

Consultation Report for the Bogujevci Family Foundation: “Development of a museum of memory, peace and human rights in Kosovo.” (2019)

Academic Residency at the National Museum, Kosovo, with the Bogujevci Family Foundation; delivery of workshops on critical heritage practice with key staff at the National Museum and National Library, Kosova; outline of workshops reflections and recommendations for the National Museum and National Library. (2019)

Invited Keynote, Kosovo National Library, symposium on links between Kosovo and Manchester, Kosovo, 20 years on, 29 March 2019.

Ongoing Advisory Role, Dr Jenna C. Ashton, with the Bogujevci Family Foundation.