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Stefano Locatelli

Thesis: The Early History of the Florin.

My research is all about the florin and how this tiny gold coin minted in Florence in 1252, reached a massive success, in line with a wider west European revival in gold coinage and a wider commercial revolution in medieval Europe. From the third quarter of the thirteenth century onwards, there is evidence of its wide circulation from West to East. How to explain such a rapid popularity? What if the florin was minted in the wake of the international coinage, as a substitute for the Byzantine and Arabic gold coins as an international currency, crucial for the trade of Italian trading cities? Answering this question and keeping an eye out for the impact of the florin in the political, cultural and social contexts, I aim to open up new perspectives on Florence and provide an innovative strand for a comparative analysis of the commercial entanglement of the Byzantine and Arabic East and the Latin West in the medieval time.


Expected submission date

  • September 2017

Funding body

  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Research interests

Medieval History, Economic History, Numismatics, and Florin of Florence.

Conference presentations

XV International Numismatic Congress, Taormina (Sicily), 21-25 September 2015. Awards: International Numismatic Council Travel Grant, Royal Numismatic Society Grants
Papers: Aspetti della Monetazione dei Regni di Napoli e Sicilia nel Cinquecento: due Tesori Inediti dall’Isola di Lipari

Quatrième école d’été d’histoire économique, Les moyens de paiement aux époques médiévale et moderne, Villa Finaly, Florence (Italie), 26-28 août 2015. Paper: The Florin of Florence. Production, Circulation and Distribution in Europe, Thirteenth-Fourteenth Centuries

III Incontro Internazionale di Studio del Lexicon Iconographicum Numismaticae. Moneta e Identità territoriale: dalla ‘polis’ antica alla ‘civitas’ medievale. Convegno conclusivo del progetto PRIN 2009 (Università di Messina, Bologna, Genova, Milano). Bologna, Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2, Dipartimento di Storia Culturale e Civiltà, aula Prodi, 12-13 settembre 2013.
Paper: La Città nelle Mani del Santo.

Additional information

  • MA (Distinction) in Historical Sciences at the University of Milan
  • Diploma in Archival Science, Palaeography and Diplomatics at the State Archives of Milan
  • BA (Hons) in History at the University of Milan
  • Volunteer and Project collaborator in the Department of Coins & Medals at The British Museum
  • Project collaborator for the University of Milan

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