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Rebecca Griffiths

Thesis: Mercia and England in the 10th and 11th centuries; a re-assessment.

This thesis aims to challenge the view of a fully unified England with particular reference to the former kingdom of Mercia, systematically annexed through marriage alliances and military co-operation with Wessex in the 9th century.

This research is important as the established view of the political state of Anglo-Saxon England from c.918 onwards requires reassessment and reconsideration. The previous body of scholarship on the unification of England lies with figures such as James Campbell and Patrick Wormald, hailed as the architects of what we might term a ‘Big England’ narrative, that is, the idea of the English kingdom as a stable and precociously centralised nation state in the 10th century . Although this narrative is well-entrenched, it is also now being contested.


Expected submission date

  • 2017

Research interests

Anglo-Saxon England 10th/11th century, charters, manuscripts.

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